Klargester BioDisc Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant


Designed on the back of 65 years’ experience the Klargester BioDisc large sewage treatment plant is the tried and tested wastewater treatment system for commercial off-mains projects.  

The BioDisc has a proven track record for superior performance, reliability and low operational costs. We also offer a generous 3 year warranty period. 

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Klargester Product Guide

Commercial BioDisc Brochure

Choose the Klargester BioDisc® BD-BN sewage treatment models for a range of commercial applications – from hotels to offices, pubs to campsites and industrial buildings.

The unique design of the Klargester Commercial BioDisc® BD-BN range has a proven track record for high-quality performance, superior reliability and low operational costs. Each system is delivered direct to your site and ready to install, giving you added peace of mind.

  • Low running costs 
  • No noise (average of 45 decibels, verified by an independent test)
  • Odour free performance (tested in line with BS EN 13725 standards)
  • 3 year warranty (terms and conditions apply, ask our team for details)
  • A fully managed solution – design, install, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring.  
  • Single piece tank
  • Patented Flow Management
  • Continuous treatment even with over- or under load
  • Fully removable covers for simple maintenance
  • 1000 mm inlet invert option is available for BH-BN units
 Legislation, standards and codes
  • Designed and tested to EN12566-3 (BD-BF)
  • Designed in accordance with EN 12255 (BG-BN)
  • CE marked
Comm BioDisc Spec table-1

Typical Applications for the Klargester BioFicient Commercial Product Range:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Sites
  • Business/Commercial Parks/Industrial Estates
  • Factories
  • Distribution Centres
  • Pubs & Hotels
  • Schools
  • Nursing / Residential Homes
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Office Block
  • Multi Domestic Dwellings
  • Residential Parks (Retired/Semi-Retired Occupancy)
  • Residential Holiday Parks (Caravans/Lodges)
  • Touring Caravan/Camping Sites
  • Construction Sites - Welfare Facilities
  • Leisure Parks / Attractions
  • Leisure / Sports / Health Centres
  • Energy from Waste Sites

Enjoy silent performance with the Klargester BioDisc

C20.7765 kingspan BioDisc Web Graphics Audio Levels 1000 x 550
In contrast with a noisy aerated wastewater treatment system, the Klargester large BioDisc promises noiseless day to day operation.

BioDisc Performance

Whereas an aerated system creates constant noise due to the air pump, the discs of an RBC plant revolve silently. Under test conditions at a recent site, our expert team concluded that commercial BioDisc has the same level of noise as the average ambient background noise outside – between 40-55 decibels.

Klargester Commercial BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plant

The Klargester BioDisc® BD-BL sewage treatment plant is a trusted and reliable wastewater management solution for a range of commercial applications – from hotels to offices, pubs to campsites and industrial buildings. The advanced design of the bigger units of the BioDisc® (BM-BN range) promises consistently high performance, even in the toughest environmental conditions.

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