Optimize natural light with our UniQuad® translucent wall panels

Our two-panel UniQuad® translucent wall system has become the benchmark for what’s possible when imagination meets innovation, enabling architects to achieve the highest levels of building performance without compromising on the aesthetic qualities of their designs.

We have worked tirelessly to develop the most versatile daylighting system on the market, which can be the showcase feature of the design rather than just a utility product.

Product Data Sheet

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UniQuad Product Data Sheet

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Internal Structural Support

The concealed aluminum support members create an efficient and effective unitized system, allowing for a continuous, flush, and clean aesthetic similar to channel glass but with less weight and lower costs.


  • Longer clear spans - up to 12ft. (depending on loading conditions), minimizing costly support structures
  • Unitized design - enabling fast, easy installation
  • Panels are preassembled - maintaining superior quality control
  • Creates a 3 tier defense systems - superior protection against water and air infiltration

Technical Information


UniQuad 3in

Short Span AutoCAD Drawing

UniQuad 4in

Long Span AutoCAD Drawing


UniQuad 3in (PDF)

Short Span AutoCAD Drawing (PDF)

UniQuad 4in (PDF)

Long Span AutoCAD Drawing (PDF)

UniQuad BIM Object (RVT)

Revit Model

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UniQuad Environmental Product Declaration

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Translucent Building Envelope Solutions

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Product Features & Options

Our systems can be designed with a flush or panelized appearance.


Removable Skin Technology (RST)

The UniQuad® system is designed so the individual glazing panels are independent of one another and are mechanically connected to the internal support structure. The interior or exterior glazing panel can be disengaged or removed as necessary while the other glazing panel remains in place to maintain the integrity of the building envelope. This enables building operations to continue without interruption and results in unrivaled system longevity.

  • Does not rely on adhesive that may break down overtime

  • Does not require continual maintenance


UniQuad RST (Removable Skin Technology)


Design Versatility

  • Select from a wide range of standard and custom glazing colors
  • Add exterior graphics to promote your brand
  • Incorporate LED backlighting to create a beacon for the community

Specialized Performance Options

The scalability of the internal cavity resulting from the system’s unique two-panel design offers extreme versatility. The UniQuad® system can be modified with a range of inserts to customize the system’s performance to meet the needs of any project, including:

  • ​High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)
  • Additional Insulation
  • Sound Reduction
  • Forced Entry Resistance
  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP)
  • ​Human Impact Resistance
​These specialized performance systems are manufactured in panelized sections, 4’ or 6’ wide, and are installed with a vertical mullion between each section. Our specialty UniQuad® translucent wall systems offer all of the same benefits as a standard 4” UniQuad® wall system.

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