Austin ISD Performing Arts Center

Kingspan Light + Air's UniQuad® Translucent Facade is a Star Performer at the Austin Independent School District Performing Arts Center

Austin ISD Performing Arts Center

The new Austin Independent School District Performing Arts Center (PAC) achieves optimal performance for the 84,000 students it serves annually and the 23% less overall energy use it expends over baseline facilities* - thanks in part to CPI Daylighting’s UniQuad® translucent wall system.

Designed by Pfluger Architects, the 60,000-sq.-ft., $30 million project features 6,840 sq. ft. of Kingspan Light + Air's UniQuad translucent wall system. The new state-of-the-art venue, located on the grounds of a former airport, earned certification from both LEED and the local Austin Green Building Program.

Together, the UniQuad daylighting system that runs across the top and the vision glass that spans the bottom, make up PAC’s curtainwall. This unique combination allows diffused light to penetrate deep into the space without any glare. High sun angles and heat gain are eliminated, while unobstructed views are maintained inside and out. This solution created the special effect for evening performances that PAC’s owners were looking for.

Austin, TX
Pfluger Architects
General Contractor:
American Constructors
UniQuad® Translucent Walls
Sq. Ft.:

The use of a translucent panel system was in response to the owner’s desire to create a visual ‘lantern’ effect for nighttime events. - Sean Conner, Project Manager for Pfluger

In addition to the “look” of the facility, keeping the extreme heat and glare of the Texas sun out while still maintaining the desired daylighting views and ambient interior was a priority for designers. “Kingspan Light + Airs’s installation characteristics were very impressive,” said Connor. “During construction, when the panels were installed in the lobby but the AC was not yet running, the room was comfortable even in Texas in August, with 100 degree-plus temperatures and a directly west-facing wall.”

Featuring a 1,200-seat auditorium, a 250-seat black box theatre, a 4,690 sq. ft. dance studio and a 2,600 sq. ft. multipurpose room, the PAC continues to draw rave reviews for its shows and the ability of its UniQuad translucent wall to effectively daylight the facility. “It still looks brand new,” said Connor. “Everyone’s happy and there’s no complaints about glare.”

Compared to a baseline case study, the PAC achieves 23% less overall energy use.

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