Prismatic Acrylic

Galvanized Steel Prismatic Smoke Vent

Quasar Prismatic Acrylic Triarch Smoke Vent
Smoke and heat vents have long been used as an effective fire protection measure. They provide a pre-established path for hot gases and smoke to exit a building and offer several key benefits: 
  • Minimize Structural Damage. By preventing  heat from mushrooming over the fire area and heating other materials to the point of ignition, fire venting has a marked effect on reducing the lateral spread of fire. 
  • Improve Fire Fighting Efficiency and Safety. Smoke and heat vents allow arriving fire-fighters to quickly determine the approximate interior location of the fire by observing the exterior location of the smoke plume from the open vents. Prompt venting has also been proven to reduce dangerous heat, vision-obscuring smoke and toxic or potentially explosive products of combustion.
  • Enhance Occupant Life Safety. Raising the smoke layer inside a burning building not only improves visibility of exit paths, it helps save lives given that the vast majority of fire fatalities are due to smoke inhalation.

Feature List

  • Prismatic acrylic glazing offers excellent 100% diffused lighting
  • Radial triarch shaped domes
  • K12 Prism pattern material
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Monsanto UL Listed thermoplastic santoprene gaskets
  • UL Listed

Product Data Sheet

Prismatic Galvanized Steel ECO Smoke Vent PDS

ECO-SVSP Product Data Sheet


CAD Drawings
PDF Drawings

Curb Mounted Single Dome Prismatic Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent


Curb Mounted Double Dome Prismatic Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent


Curb Mounted Single Dome Prismatic Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent


Curb Mounted Double Dome Prismatic Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent


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Product Information

Technical Information

Frame Material      Galvanized Steel
Dome Material Impact Modified Prismatic Acrylic
Width Up to 60"
Length  Up to 96"
Visible Light Transmittance*  
Single Dome - Clear 92%
Single Dome - White 72%
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 85%
Double Dome - Clear/White 70%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficiency*  
Single Dome - Clear 0.86
Single Dome - White 0.73
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 0.58
Double Dome - Clear/White 0.47
*Values may vary slightly depending on unit size and specifications.


Testing & Approvals

Test Results
International Building Code (IBC) Meets requirements of IBC Standard 910
NFPA Fire Rating CC2 Rated / Class A Plastic Performance
OSHA Meets CFR fall regulations when in the closed position
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed to UL 793 Standard



Kingspan Light + Air daylighting products have been used on every continent in the world bar one under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.
  • 10 year standard material workmanship warranty*
​* Contact Kingspan for more information regarding our terms and conditions and optional warranty programs.

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