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Gravity vents can greatly improve your health, mood and productivity. Gravity vents are installed on areas of the roof where there is a known breeze. This natural ventilation can enter the building and help to reduce odors, eliminate stagnant air and provide cleaner oxygen to breathe improving the lives of the occupants inside the building. Bird screens and optional insect screens are installed in order to keep them out and, yet, allow fresh air into the building. 

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Airflow Gravity Vent PDS

GV Product Data Sheet


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Curb Mounted Gravity Vent


Self Flashing Gravity Vent


Curb Mounted Gravity Vent


Self Flashing Gravity Vent


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Product Information

Technical Information

Frame Material      Aluminum     
Hood Material Fiberglass
Width (Opening) Up to 48"
Length (Opening) Up to 48"
Hood Height Up to 18"
Free Air Space Up to 16 sq. ft.

Testing & Approvals

Test Results
FM Global Fiberglass Material Passed 4431 2" Severe Hail Test
NFPA CC1 Rated
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Passed Class 4 Hail Test (The Highest Rating)


Kingspan Light + Air daylighting products have been used on every continent in the world bar one under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.
  • 10 year standard material workmanship warranty*
​* Contact Kingspan for more information regarding our terms and conditions and optional warranty programs.

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