Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Skylight

Quasar Prismatic Acrylic Triarch Skylight
The thermally broken frame extrusion is designed with an open cavity in the mid section of the frame that runs the entire length of the frame. This open cavity is filled (poured) with a high strength, long lasting, non-thermally conductive epoxy. After the epoxy cures the aluminum is milled away on the bottom of the frame just below the epoxy (debridged). When the process is finished there is a complete separation of the exterior aluminum frame exposed to temperatures on the outside of the building and the interior frame exposed to interior temperatures and humidity. 

Poured and debridged thermal breaks have been used in window and skylight frames for many years and continue to be the most effective design in minimizing exterior temperature transfer to the interior building space and in the elimination of condensation.

Feature List

  • Prismatic acrylic glazing for 100% diffused light
  • Radial triarch shaped dome for maximum daylight harvesting
  • Impact modified material for enhanced roof safety
  • Thermally broken extruded aluminim frame to minimise condensate build up
  • AAMA compliant poured and debridged frame

Product Data Sheet

Prismatic Acrylic Unit Skylight PDS

AL | ALB | ALT | ALI | ALIB | ALIT Product Data Sheet


CAD Drawings
PDF Drawings

Quasar ALT CM 1 CAD Detail (DWG)

AutoCAD Drawing

Quasar ALT CM 2 CAD Detail (DWG)

AutoCAD Drawing

Quasar ALT CM 1 CAD Detail (PDF)

AutoCAD Drawing (PDF)

Quasar ALT CM 2 CAD Detail (PDF)

AutoCAD Drawing (PDF)

Quasar ALT BIM Object (RVT)

Revit Model

Who We Are Brochure

Quasar 086200 Master Format CSI Specification (DOC)

Product Information

Technical Information

Frame Material      Aluminum     
Dome Material Impact modified prismatic acrylic
Width Up to 60"
Length  Up to 120"
Visible Light Transmittance*  
Single Dome - Clear 92%
Single Dome - White 72%
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 85%
Double Dome - Clear/White 70%
Triple Dome - Clear/Clear/Clear 78%
Triple Dome - Clear/White/Clear 62%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficiency*  
Single Dome - Clear 0.86
Single Dome - White 0.73
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 0.58
Double Dome - Clear/White 0.47
Triple Dome - Clear/Clear/Clear 0.43
Triple Dome - Clear/White/Clear 0.33
U-Factor / R-Value*  
Single Dome - Clear 1.02 / 0.98
Single Dome - White 0.99 / 1.01
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 0.74 / 1.35
Double Dome - Clear/White 0.73 / 1.37
Triple Dome - Clear/Clear/Clear 0.63 / 1.59
Triple Dome - Clear/White/Clear 0.62 / 1.61
*Values may vary slightly depending on unit size and specifications.

Testing & Approvals

Test Results
AAMA WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 & WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05
IECC 2015 Meets with controls all climate zones (double glazed skylight)
NFPA CC2 Rated / Class A Plastic Performance
NFRC Certified (double glazed skylight)


Kingspan Light + Air daylighting products have been used on every continent in the world bar one under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.

  • 10 year standard material workmanship warranty*
​* Contact Kingspan for more information regarding our terms and conditions and optional warranty programs.

Quasar Prismatic Case Studies

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