Heavy Weather / High Security Aluminum Framed Skylight

When mother nature's fury comes calling you need the best impact resistant material in your skylights. Our Tufflite Polycarbonate Heavy Weather / High Security (HVHZ) skylights have proven to be the best choice. With testing and certification in hand, Tufflite skylights are designed to be installed in areas of heavy weather including hurricanes and high security zones.

Our polycarbonate glazing material offers excellent visible light transmission along with a best in class solar heat gain coefficient. The polycarbonate domes have been tested to 1,600 lbs of total load and pass with flying colors. We have also passed the FM 4431 2" severe hail test to offer security for all those in any high-velocity hurricane zone.

Feature List

  • Polycarbonate glazing for the best blast, hail and impact resistance
  • Bubble shaped dome
  • Heavy Weather / High Security skylight
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Top down fasteners for additional attachment
  • Corrosion resistant fasteners

Product Data Sheet

Polycarbonate Heavy Weather/High Security Unit Skylight PDS

HWHS Product Data Sheet


CAD Drawings
PDF Drawings

Curb Mounted Single Dome Heavy Weather / High Security Skylight


Curb Mounted Double Dome Heavy Weather / High Security Skylight


Curb Mounted Single Dome Heavy Weather / High Security Skylight


Curb Mounted Double Dome Heavy Weather / High Security Skylight


Tufflite Polycarbonate HWHS Brochure

Who We Are Brochure

Tufflite 086200 Master Format CSI Specification (DOC)

Product Information

Technical Information

Frame Material      Aluminum     
Dome Material Polycarbonate
Width Up to 60"
Length  Up to 96"
Visible Light Transmittance*  
Single Dome - Clear 92%
Single Dome - White 72%
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 85%
Double Dome - Clear/White 60%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficiency*  
Single Dome - Clear 0.86
Single Dome - White 0.71
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 0.74
Double Dome - Clear/White 0.26
U-Factor / R-Value*  
Single Dome - Clear 1.01 / 0.99
Single Dome - White 1.00 / 1.00
Double Dome - Clear/Clear 0.72 / 1.39
Double Dome - Clear/White 0.71 / 1.41
*Values may vary slightly depending on unit size and specifications.


Testing & Approvals

Test Results
Anti-Terrorism UFC 4-010-01 DoD Blast Resistant – High;
ASTM F 1642 Hazard Rating – No Break
GSA TS01 Performance Condition – #1 No Hazard
FM Global Tufflite passed 4431 2” severe hail test
Hurricane Conformance Metro Dade County (NOA# 18-0307.09) - Meets and exceeds standard requirements
Florida Building Code (FL26532) - Meets and exceeds code requirements
NFPA CC1 Rated / Class A Plastic Performance
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Passed class 4 hail test (The Highest Rating)


Kingspan Light + Air daylighting products have been used on every continent in the world bar one under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.
  • 10 year standard material workmanship warranty*
* Includes coverage against documented 2” hail stones or smaller as well as cracking or crazing of polycarbonate dome material that would result in a water leak. Exceptions apply, see 10-year warranty document. Contact Kingspan for more information regarding our terms and conditions and optional warranty programs.

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