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The TMS200 from Kingspan Sensor is a bespoke panel designed to control, monitor and accommodate the efficient storage and dispensing of liquid.

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The TMS uses the latest monitoring technology for reliable performance:  

  • Fast and easy installation.
  • No fixed phone line required.
  • 230VAC supply required to TMS.
  • Robust design for outdoor and indoor installation
    - IP65 rated enclosure.
  • Access through
  • Web based search and filter functions to
    view specific data.
  • Online graphical presentation of historical data by
    week, month and year.
  • Can be linked to Building Management System.
  • Integral high low level alarm.
  • Dispensed quantity.
  • High resolution.

The Kingspan Sensor TMS200 offers the following benefits for your business:

  •  Improved delivery schedules and efficient route planning.
  • Optimized inventory management.
  • Customer binding.
  • Improved security.
  • Saves fitting time.
  • Eliminates the need for manual measurements.
  • Receive timely and accurate data for competitive
  • product purchases.
  • Avoid downtime from running out of product.
  • Cost effective solutions.

How TMS200 works

  • The TMS and GSM telemetry unit is installed at the tank.
  • Tank stocks sent via GSM telemetry to our central database at a customer specified time which automatically processes the data for each tank.
  • Tank level data can be viewed via your web browser -

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