Selecting the Best House Wrap for Fiber Cement Siding

Selecting the Best House Wrap for Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a versatile, durable siding that’s gaining a lot of traction and popularity with builders and homeowners alike. This blend of cellulose fiber, sand, silica and Portland cement makes a siding that’s water-resistant, insect-resistant and flame retardant. It’s also low maintenance and long-lasting. 

However, the density and weight of the material also make it a more challenging product to install. It’s common for installers to need more manpower and to work more slowly during installation. This, in turn, can impact the other materials used on the home’s exterior, such as the house wrap.

The right house wrap for fiber cement siding won’t tear even during a longer installation. At the same time, the house wrap needs to be able to assist in moisture management for the home in order to do its job properly.

Using a non-woven, moisture-resistant house wrap with every fiber cement siding job can help ensure the success of the project right from the beginning.

What House Wrap Does

As a builder, you’re likely aware of many of the benefits of house wrap already. The key, though, is that there are many different kinds of house wrap, each with its own job, which can impact the final outcome of the project.

Drainage wraps, for example, are specifically designed to channel water away from the home. Breathable wraps allow for airflow, while air barriers can help control this. 

With fiber cement siding, the heavy material may compress the wrap so it’s extremely important that a non-woven wrap is used. Otherwise, it’s easy for the wrap to tear, particularly during the slower installation of the material and with the rough texture of the siding.

At the same time, fiber cement manufacturers stress the importance of pairing the product with either a drainage wrap or a moisture management wrap. This is because the heavy siding may lead to a build-up of moisture behind it, which in turn, can lead to mold growth and wood rot if that moisture is not properly addressed.

When you pair fiber cement siding with the right type of house wrap, your installation will go more smoothly, with fewer rips and tears in the wrap. You’ll also receive fewer callbacks about failure due to moisture, as well as future complaints regarding other moisture issues such as mold.

The Right Wrap for the Job

Greenguard RainDrop

Proper moisture drainage is of the utmost importance when choosing a wrap to use with fiber cement siding. As previously mentioned, dense, heavy fiber cement does not allow moisture to escape easily, so any heavy rainfall will result in moisture becoming trapped behind the siding. A wrap that can’t facilitate drainage will only result in future problems for the job.

RainDrop 3D wrap from GreenGuard is a channeled house wrap designed for the tough challenges that sidings like fiber cement can bring. This house wrap acts as an air barrier and is recognized as an air barrier material with the Air Barrier Association of America

The surface of the wrap is designed to help with moisture management by channeling water away from the building. It’s made with three-dimensional channels built into the surface, which do a superior job of channeling and funneling moisture away from the building, particularly in high rainfall areas and behind materials like fiber cement that don’t allow for easy evaporation. 

The material is also non-perforated, as well as non-woven, for better durability but allows water vapor to escape for better moisture management. RainDrop 3D is tough and durable, and the channels in its surface won’t compress beneath heavy fiber cement no matter how tightly the siding is installed. This ensures that the wrap will continue to drain and do its job no matter the conditions of the siding installed on it.

This non-woven material also won’t rip or tear, so it’s ideal for the rough texture of the siding as well as for the heaviness and slow installation. It remains UV resistant for up to 9 months as well, so delays on the job site won’t be a problem (for the wrap, at least).

RainDrop 3D can even help your siding installation go a little smoother as well, with a translucent finish that makes stud finding easier. This premium house wrap is ideal for use with all types of fiber cement siding, making the builder’s job easier and giving homeowners better performance, long term.

Get the Right Wrap for the Job

With the growing popularity of fiber cement siding will come more jobs for its installation. Builders know that the right materials for the job make the entire project go more smoothly as well as more quickly with fewer hassles and callbacks. 

Trust GreenGuard RainDrop 3D house wrap to stand up to all your tough installations, including those clad with fiber cement, and get the best material out there for the job. 

For more information about GreenGuard RainDrop 3D, click here. Or, check out our newest white paper on the value of space and learn how to find space where you never thought to look by clicking here.

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