Effective Solutions for a Weather-Resistant Barrier

Weather-resistant barriers are an integral part of a home’s performance.

A weather-resistant barrier (WRB) helps to protect a home or building from energy loss and heat transfer. Installed beneath the siding, it protects the home from moisture, stops drafts and leaks, and provides a drier, more comfortable home for your clients.

Today's House Wrap

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House wrap on its own can help protect the home from normal moisture and air infiltration, but it often isn’t enough to fully enhance the performance of a building. Today’s weather-resistant barriers provide additional protection for homes, and do more than simply block wind or rain from entering.

Weather-resistant barriers used today are extremely effective at blocking air and moisture from entering the home. They are vapor-permeable, allowing interior humidity or moisture to evaporate through the barrier and preventing it from building up inside. This creates a more energy efficient, comfortable home without drafts or cold spots, and prevents the build up of moisture and mold that occurs with some types of insulating house wraps.

A Second Line of Defense

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The siding or exterior covering of the home is the first line of defense against the weather. From brick to vinyl to fiber cement, the exterior is what stops a large portion of the rain, wind and weather from entering your home.

Weather-resistant barriers are the second line of defense behind the siding. They stop what the exterior façade could not and provide additional protection from moisture and air.

Builders have a few options for this second line of defense.

Kingspan’s GreenGuard VW wrap, for instance, provides moisture management and offers UV-stability for up to 12 months. Weather or project delays can slow down construction, so knowing your WRB won’t degrade with UV exposure provides additional peace of mind.

Weather-resistant barriers like GreenGuard RainArmor and GreenGuard RainDrop both help provide optimal moisture management, offering barrier solutions in climates that see excessive rainfall.

RainArmor prevents water penetration by channeling water away from the structure, while providing a breathable barrier technology.

RainDrop is an industry-recognized air barrier material and offers exceptional water holdout capabilities. This non-perforated wrap also breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape.

If you need an all-purpose wrap for the majority of the homes you build, GreenGuard HPW can effectively meet most insulation needs on residential and commercial projects.

Wrap Your Projects Right

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Anytime you’re working on the exterior of a home, don’t settle for materials that allow energy or air transfer or older types of house wrap that aren’t vapor permeable. Ensure a high-performing home with a better quality weather-resistant barrier that’s easy to install, durable, and offers effective moisture management.

Learn about more of Kingspan’s moisture management solutions and applications here.

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