4 Common Building Wrap Problems You Can Prevent With GreenGuard

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The right building wrap can increase a home’s energy efficiency and reduce air leaks, saving a homeowner money. When installed correctly, building wraps can also prevent moisture infiltration, mold growth and wood rot, reducing costly repairs.

Unfortunately, if the wrong type of building wrap is chosen, or if improper handling and installation take place, serious problems can occur. And because many of these problems can lead to the very things building wrap is designed to prevent, it’s important to address any issues before they begin.

Not all building wraps are created equally. Better quality building wraps, such as Kingspan’s GreenGuard product line, can help eliminate common issues before they have a chance to impact a job. Learn more about the most common building wrap problems and how GreenGuard can help.

1. Improper Installation

The single biggest problem that any building wrap faces is improper installation. Many types of building wrap tear easily, so if they aren’t handled properly, they may not last long enough to have the siding applied.

Building wrap needs to be taped and lapped properly to be effective. However, many tapes do not fasten to the wrap properly, particularly if the substrate becomes damp or soiled. This leads to seams that allow moisture to infiltrate the building envelope.

If the house seams are placed horizontally, which is common practice, then proper lapping of at least 6-inches must be achieved. Make sure you are using the correct amount of overlap when installing wrap.

Plus, you should use a seam tape that won’t allow moisture into the overlap. Use a product like GreenGuard’s seam tape which is specially designed to form a tight seal with any GreenGuard building wrap. With GreenGuard seam tape, you don’t have to worry about moisture infiltration at the seams.

2. Durability

Building wrap is one of the most important parts of the home’s exterior, but too often, it’s not durable enough for the job. The wrap may be torn during installation if not handled or fastened properly.

The GreenGuard high-performance building wraps offer class-leading tear-resistance in both a woven/coated and non-woven structure. Drainage versions of these wraps are available, such as the RainDrop or RainArmor wraps.

3. UV Exposure

Even if the wrap doesn’t tear during exposure, long-term exposure of the wrap to UV rays can cause the wrap to deteriorate. Many wraps are not UV or weather resistant, so if a delay occurs before installing siding on the home, the wrap may fail, leading to future air and moisture infiltration, the very thing it is designed to keep out

Failed wrap can lead to further delays in the project as the old wrap will need to be removed and new wrap will need to be applied.

GreenGuard building wraps offer UV stability from 6-months to 9-months, ensuring that if there are delays on the job site, the wrap will not be affected by UV degradation.

4. Air and Moisture Leaks

HPW Building Wrap on Residential House

Not every wrap is created equally.

For homes that have a tight building envelope, the building wrap must be permeable to allow moisture to escape. Otherwise, problems can arise from mold and mildew build up behind the wrap. GreenGuard building wraps help to block the air and moisture infiltration while allowing moisture to escape.

GreenGuard HPW building wrap is meant to be used as both an air barrier and a moisture management system. It provides superior resistance to rain and also stays UV stable up to 6 months. This makes it an ideal material for most moderate climates that see average rainfall as well as high levels of sun during the building months in the summer. 

If you’re building in a wet climate or an area that sees higher than average rainfall each year, consider GreenGuard’s RainArmor for moisture management. This tough, moisture resistant barrier won’t snag on tools or nails to make installation fast and easy, and it prevents rain from entering the building envelope.


Wrap Your Homes Right

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While some building wraps have inherent issues, the right wrap applied correctly can enhance the comfort and longevity of any home. The key is in using the right wrap for your climate and application.

Kingspan's GreenGuard Building Wrap line has a building wrap for every climate and potential need. Get the right wrap for your next project to ensure its success from the start. Contact our technical team to find out what wrap is best for your project at info@kingspaninsulation.us.

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