GreenGuard SuperStretch Butyl Flashing

GreenGuard Insulation Standard Flashing

It stretches to fit inside corners of window openings and circular openings.

Kingspan GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing is a self–adhering flashing membrane comprising a polyolefin film with a butyl adhesive.
Kingspan GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing provides high performance water resistance for walls. It adheres across a full range of installation temperatures, ensuring effectiveness in all climates, and it conforms well to irregular surfaces, eliminating gaps that could create water canals. It stretches and sticks tight, making it easy to use and effective in covering curved surfaces and corners.

Product Information

Property Test Method Value
Nominal Width (in)   6 / 9
Backing Material ASTM D 3776 Polyolefin
Adhesive   Butyl
Split Release Liner   Yes
Application Temp. (°F)   10-150
Recommended Service Temp. (°F)   -30-200
UV Exposure (days)   120
Nail Sealability
(55cm for 24 hours)
ASTM D 1970
No Leaks
Water Resistance
(min. 24 hours)
ASTM D 779 > 24
Peel Adhesion
(@ 90 Days lb. / in.)
Exterior FG Gypsum
GreenGuard® RainDrop® 3D
GreenGuard® C2000

ASTM D 3330
Method F


(no cracking @ 32 °F)
Criteria AC 148,
Sec. 4.6
1 Kingspan GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing was installed in a wall system in which it was attached either directly to insulating sheathing or to an approved water–resistive barrier (building wrap).
GreenGuard SuperStretch Butyl Flashing_Product Sheet_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard SuperStretch Butyl Flashing Product Sheet

GreenGuard Building Wrap and Flashing_Installation Guide_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Residential and Light Commercial Installation Guide

GreenGuard Building Wrap_Commercial Applications_Installation Guide_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Commercial Installation Guide

GreenGuard Butyl Flashing Submittal Sheet

GreenGuard Butyl Flashing Submittal

GreenGuard Butyl Flashing_Safety Data Sheet_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Butyl Flashing Safety Data Sheet

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