GreenGuard Professional Flashing

GreenGuard Professional Flashing

GreenGuard Professional Flashing

Kingspan GreenGuard® Professional Flashing is a self-adhering flashing membrane comprising a polyolefin film with a butyl adhesive.

Kingspan GreenGuard® Professional Flashing is an economical self-adhering flashing membrane. It is designed to seal the interface around wall penetrations such as windows, doors, pipe penetrations and other areas that may require a weatherproof seal.

Product Brochure

GreenGuard Professional Flashing Product Sheet

Product Information

Product Data Table
Installation Guide
Property Test Method Value
Material Thickness (in / mils)  

0.016 / 16

Nominal Width (in)   4 / 6 / 9
Backing Material   Butyl
Adhesive   Butyl
Split Release Liner   Yes
Application Temp., Min. (°F)   20-180
Recommended Service Temp., Max (°F)   300
Outdoor / UV Exposure, Max. (days)   80
Nail Sealability AAMA 711-07
Modified D-1970
Mold Growth ASTM G-21 No Growth
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GreenGuard Residential and Light Commercial Installation Guide

GreenGuard Building Wrap_Commercial Applications_Installation Guide_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Commercial Installation Guide

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GreenGuard Professional Flashing Submittal

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