Kenmore Library

The $8.4 million project required easy-dry building wrap in a rainy climate

Project Summary

Building wrap is used in construction behind a structure’s exterior to deflect water and moisture from affecting the interior framework and walls. Dealing with moisture while maintaining construction schedules can be daunting in a climate such as Kenmore’s. The community, which is 15 miles north of Seattle, averages 158 days of rain per year – 50 percent more days of rain than the average U.S. city can expect to see in a year. Minimizing rain-related construction delays to keep on schedule in the bond-funded project while also avoiding moisture-related problems after construction were important goals for the library that today serves the community’s nearly 22,000 people.

“In the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of rain and wind,” said Larry Lindsay of Jeff Baskett, LLC, the manufacturer’s representative for the library project.

“During construction, the building can be soaked with water, and the architects like to get it dried out as quickly as possible. GreenGuard® C2000 Building Wrap is a high-perm product that helps the drying process.”

Kenmore, Washington
Building Type:
Public Library
Weinstein A + U
Sierra Construction Inc.
Kingpsan GreenGuard C2000 Building Wrap

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Kenmore Library Case Study

Kenmore Library Case Study

Kenmore Library

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