GreenGuard VW Building Wrap

GreenGuard VW Building Wrap Housewrap

GreenGuard VW Building Wrap provides GreenGuard performance at great savings.

Its strong, cross-woven structure resists tearing, so there’s less waste. This housewrap protects structures against air and water infiltration. Plus it breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape, reducing the potential for condensation buildup. The translucent design of VW makes it quick and easy to install. It stays UV-stable up to 12 months.

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GreenGuard VW Building Wrap Product Sheet

Product Information

Product Data Table
Installation Guide
Code Compliance
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Bulletin(s)
CAD Details
Property Test Method Value
Nominal Thickness (in / mils)  

0.004 / 4

Nominal Width (ft)   4.5 / 9 / 10
Weight (lb / 1,000 ft2) ASTM D3776 13.3
Tensile Strength (MD / TD)1
(lb / in)
ASTM D882 65 /30
Trapezoid  Tearing Strength (MD / TD)1
(lb / in)
ASTM D4533 35 /20
Burst Strength (psi) ASTM D751 111
Water Resistance
(10 minute min)
ASTM D779 60
Water Vapor Permeance
(Dessicant Method)

Water Vapor Transmission Rate
(g/m2/24 hr)
(Dessicant Method)

Air Leakage Rate / Air Resistance
(cfm/ft2@75 Pa / 25 mph)
Structural Integrity
(minimum 1 hr @ 500 Pa / 65 mph)
ASTM E 330
(Procedure A)

Water Resistance
(15 min @ 27 Pa / 15 mph)
ASTM E 331 Pass
Fire & Smoke
Flame Spread2
Smoke Developed2
ASTM E84 0 (Class A)
1 Machine Direction / Cross Direction.
2 These numerical flame spread and smoke developed ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions. All applicable building codes must be followed.
GreenGuard Building Wrap and Flashing_Installation Guide_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Residential & Light Commercial Installation Guide for Building Wrap & Flashing

GreenGuard Building Wrap_Safety Data Sheet_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Building Wrap Safety Data Sheet

GreenGuard Products Technical Bulletin #11

GreenGuard Products Adhesive, Sealant & Primer Compatibility


GreenGuard Building Wrap Contribution to LEED Credits - Technical Bulletin #4


CAD Details

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