The Matrix Advantage

Matrix - The Most Diverse Panel of it's type

The Morin Matrix Series® is a, concealed fastener rain screen, wall panel system. This series now has ten unique profiles.

This series can be combined with Integrity and Pulse Panels. 

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Profiles Ten unique profiles
Fastener Concealed Clip and Fastener Design
Application Weather tight or rear ventilated rainscreen
Panel Depth 1 1/2" (38mm)  all panels
Cover Width 12"
Length Standard: 5' to 30' - Other lengths available
Galvalume/Zincalume Painted Steel Options 18 ga / 20 ga / 22 ga / 24 ga
Aluminum Options .050" / .040"
Stainless Steel Options 22 ga / 24 ga
Zinc Options 20 ga / 22 ga
Natural Copper Options 20 oz. / 16 oz.
Application Horizontal or Vertical

Color & Finishes

Unlimited Design Options

Look to Morin for help with producing your toughest color projects.  We work with the top coating firms to provide you the most durable surfaces, longest warranties. Whether it is a standard color, or a custom color match, we will work to make it all simple and seamless. 

30+ STANDARD COLORS - See the Literature download for our Brochure 
40+ COLOR SPRINT - Short run fast track job?  We have a solution. Call us!
CUSTOM FINISHES -  We have relations with every coater in North America, if you see something you like, we can find a way to produce. it.  Call us! 

Over 50 Years’ experience and some of the top minds in the industry of Single Skin Metal, we can make sure your vision is accomplished and the assembly is a seamless as possible.  

Downloads for the Whole Series - All Profiles

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Standard Colors

Information Sheet on Standard Paint and Finishes

Matrix Series®

Integrated Wall Series

Matrix Profiles

Printable PDF's of Profiles

MX 1.0 Profile PDF

MX 2.0 Profile PDF

MX 3.0 Profile PDF

MX 4.0 Profile PDF

MX 6.0 Profile PDF

MX 7.0 Profile PDF

MX 8.0 Profile PDF

MX 9.0 Profile PDF

MX 10.0 Profile PDF

MX 11.0 Profile PDF

Matrix Profile DWG

CAD Drawing files for your use!

Matrix PDF Details

PDF Viewable Files of the CAD

Matrix Details- Vertical with Trim

Matrix Details- Vertical with Extrusion

Matrix Details- Horizontal with Trim

Matrix Details- Horizontal with Extrusion

Matrix DWG Details

CAD Details

Matrix Detail Manual Horizontal Extrusion

Matrix Detail Manual Horizontal Trim

Matrix Wall Series Vertical with Extrusion

Matrix Detail Manual Vertical Trim

Matrix Specs - Word Doc Editable

Specs - Word Docs


PSecifications Matrix-Wall-Panels


Specifications Matrix Perforated

Installation Guide

Matrix Installation Guide

Matrix Revit Files (10)

Design with Mix and Match Panel Systems











Matrix Extended

Take the 30 Second tour and see all ten profiles.

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