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Morin Monolith

Combining high-end architectural features with a value engineered price, Monolith meets both design and budgetary needs. Monolith is lightweight and easy to install, with a 1 1/8" thick polyisocyanurate (ISO) core. Custom finishes and substrates are available.

  • Trimless ends, longitudinal and transverse bends and folded corners 
  • Widths ranging from 8” to 30” can integrate to combine distinctive designs
  • Can be horizontally or vertically applied
  • Reveal options include standard 1/2” or tight 1/16”
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified 
Note:  Use of Monolith panels in multistory applications may require additional building code approval. Please contact us for details.

Product Information

Technical Information
Performance Testing & Approvals
Profile Exterior: Flat
Interior: Flat
Embossing Exterior: Stucco, shadowline or non-embossed
Interior: Stucco or non-embossed
Gauge Exterior: 22, 20 ga
Interior: 24 ga
Width 12” – 30”
Thickness 1 ⅛”
Length 4” – 24’ (18’ for non-embossed)
Reveal options 116” or ½”
Orientation Vertical or horizontal
Post fabrication Longitudinal bend, transverse bend, trimless ends, beveled edge, tapered edge, full wrap end, modified edge, curves along width, curves along length
R-value ≈ 4
Production method Structurally bonded
Test Procedure Results
Flammability ASTM E84 Flame spread - 25, smoke developed <195 (core only)
NFPA 259 Tested for potential heat of building materials 11,281 BTU/lb
NFPA 259 Self-Ignition: 950˚F, minimum
Flash Ignition: 950˚F, minimum
Foam Specification ASTM C591 Type IV, CFC and HCFC free. 2.0 pcf. density
Structural ASTM E72 Vacuum chamber tested. Panel load / span and deflection tables are available
Thermal Transmission Thermal Modeling Therm 5.2 With laminated Polyisocyanurate Core: R-4
Air Infiltration ASTM E283 0.05 CFM/ft2 of panel area at 20 psf
Water Penetration ASTM E331 No uncontrolled water penetration at 20 psf differential pressure. No water penetration at 6.24 psf pressure differential for a two (2) hour duration
AAMA 501.1 Dynamic water pressure testing – no sign of water leakage at 12 psf
Bond Strength Autoclave Sample placed in an autoclave device and pressurized to 2 PSI at 218˚F for 2 ½ hrs
Humid aging No metal primer interface corrosion and/or delamination shall occur after 1000 hours at 135˚F and 100 percent relative humidity

In today’s challenging construction market, realizing the customer’s requirements often involve leaving the past behind and stretching the boundaries forward. Kingspan products and services are engineered to provide the confidence necessary to meet these challenges.  
BENCHMARK By Kingspan insulated metal wall panels have been used on every continent in the world under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.

  • 2 year standard material workmanship warranty
  • Up to 20 years standard finish warranty
Contact our sales or customer service departments for information regarding our optional warranty programs.



Monolith Series

Info Sheet on the Monolith Series - Wider Panel with Stability Backer

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