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Panel Information

Technical Information
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Panel Depth 7/8" (22mm)
Cover Width 12" (305mm)
Lengths 5' (1.52m) to 30' (9.14m) standard
Shorter and longer lengths available - contact Morin
Galvalume/Zincalume Painted Steel Options 18 ga (1.19mm), 20 ga (.91mm), 22 ga (.76mm), & 24 ga (.60mm)
Aluminum Options .050" / .040" / .032"
Stainless Steel Options 20 ga (.91mm), 22 ga (.76mm), or 24 ga (.60mm)
Zinc Options 22 ga (.76mm), 20 ga (1.0mm), or 18 ga (1.5mm)
Natural Copper Options 16 oz. or 20 oz.
Application Horizontal or vertical
Manufacturing Site Bristol CT, Fontana CA, DeLand FL



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Integrity Series

Integrated Wall Series

Standard Colors

Information Sheet on Standard Paint and Finishes

Integrity Profiles

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Panel PDF Details

Printable PDF's of Details

Integrity Details Horizontal with Trim

Integrity Details Vertical with Trim

Integrity Details Horizontal with Extrusion

Integrity Details Vertical with Extrusion

Panel Drawing DWG Details

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Integrity Detail Manual Horizontal with Trim

Integrity Detail Manual Vertical with Trim

Integrity Wall Series Horizontal with Extrusion

Integrity Wall Series Vertical with Extrusion

Integrity Detail Manual



Installation Guide

Integrity Installation Guide

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