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A short video to understand the value and flexibility of the MORINBIM Configurator. Part of a Global Strategy of Digital Product Delivery powered by Kingspan Technology Group. 
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Additional Revit Services and Augmented Reality sample. 

Revit Families on Autodesk BIM360

Gain access to complete families of Revit Panels on the Morin Autodesk 360 collaborative Platform. These powerful collections have all the profiles/metals/colors and pre-built assemblies and visualizations built in. Created by our internal Kingspan Group team with global Revit prowess and hands on knowledge of efficient work-flows, these family series will make your next design project fluid and fast!


Augment your Work Flow!

Augmented Reality - is now a possible workflow with the MorinBim Configurator. You can project your selected profiles in any color and length, anywhere, anytime. 

Watch this quick video and see yohow you can place virtual panels! Think of the possibilities in visualizing and collaborating real size digital samples, any length, any color, fast, free and easy! 


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