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Wall Build

In less than 90 seconds, see how an underlayment is established and how the Morin Single Skin Clips and Panels are applied, Horizontal or Vertical.  

Morin Augmented

Need to see a sample, specific profile, specific standard color.. rightnow!? The Morin Configurator allows tyou to genereate AR files and place panels virtually anywhere.  Watch! 

Standing Seam Roofing

Morin offers a few variations of Standing Seam Roofing. This video illustrates in a simple animation the basic premise of how the Clip and Seam System for Concealed Roofing works. 

Perforation Applications

There are many useds for Perforated Metal. Sound abatement, air flow, security screening, sun screens, walls or protective barrir with open views  are just some of the applications. 

Roll Forming On-Site

Morin has multiple Roll Forming Systems for On-Site panel Creation. Eliminate the unsightyly look and cost of roofing segments and have us form panels on-site, exactly to fit.  

Morin Across America

Just for Fun Video. We appreciate being a small part of many hundreds of fantastic buildings across this great counttry. Here is asmall sampling of images from our extesive indexed GALLERY. Enjoy! 

Interior Applications

Our Corporate Offices are an excellent illustration of Metal Wall applications and interior design ideas. Durable metal provides an excellent interior wall for Schools, Airports or other heavy traffic areas.

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