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Single Component Metal Panel Design Best Practices

The course addresses the aesthetics and design flexibility available with single component metal panels. REQUEST A SESSION


Designing The Perfect Metal Wall

Participants will learn how to design an attractive thermally efficient, sustainable metal panel wall system with a sixty year minimum life span. Topics covered will be basic metal panel types, manufacturing process, rainscreen principals, initial recycled content of various metals, LEED MR4.1 & 4.2 Recycled Content and sustainability.  REQUEST A SESSION


Zinc Building Envelopes: Sustainable Architectural Metal

The beautiful gray patina of zinc architectural metal has graced the rooftops of buildings in Europe for hundreds of years. This course examines the sustainable characteristics of zinc as a roofing material, including its 100% recyclability, zero VOC requirement, and low embodied energy production process. The life cycle analysis of zinc is examined, as is zinc’s long-term service life. Various types of roof and wall applications are also discussed.  REQUEST A SESSION

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