The Hole Look at Perforations

Perf Wall - Staricase
What's New? Possibilities
We are constantly seeing new and creative uses for Perforations. At Morin, we focus on more functional creative applications of Standard processes, spot hole patterns and very creative uses. One exciting new possibility exists with 3D Metal printing – virtually unlimited potential there. Design and Print – anything – any pattern.

Customization ability – At Morin, we produce a wide variety of hole options, and patterns, spot patterns and custom repeat patterns that work with roll or break forming panels for specific applications.

Functions such as: noise reduction, wind diffusion, air quality – Perforations uses we have seen include: Noise Reduction, security screening, Airflow for Wind resistance reduction (arenas etc), air flow quality, visual openness, sun shades, combo sun/air using panels with varying hole sizes, simple sun screen relief, wind breaker barriers.
Graphics, logos and image incorporation – We at Morin do not often get into custom Perf Image or Logos, but our panels, with Screens are very often used in retail areas as a graphical backdrop for Signage, often multiple color horizontal panels act line the guidelines for graphic placement. A common theme for the placement of various logos like in a strip mall.

What else?  Two of the most fun topic is Double-Hole Screening or Custom MESSAGE Hole Patterns.

1) Double-Hole Screening – we did a panel with 2 Hole Patterns for a Stairwell – one pattern with small hole – positioned as a sunscreen – and the other pattern larger – for airflow and security and open air feel.

 2) Custom MESSAGE Hole Patterns – we did a fun job for a company used in a Parking Garage – that had a pattern with a secret message in it -  in Morse Code – relating to the Company Slogan.
Perferation Options

Perforated Panel Options

All Profiles are Available with these Patterns
  • Aluminum - .040 -.050
  • Stainless Steel - 24 and 22 gauge
  • Cor-Ten - 22, 20 gauge
  • Zinc - 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm
  • Galvalume painted - 24 & 22 gauge - Interior

Perforated Panel Options

Shown L to R are
1/4" Hole - 1/2" Spacing 23% Open
1/8" Hole - 1/4" Spacing 23% Open
1/8" Hole - 3/8" Spacing 10% Open


Perforated Panel Options

Shown L to R are:
1/8" Hole - 3/16" Spacing 40% Open
1/8" Hole - 7/32" Spacing 30% Open
3/8" Hole - 9/16" Spacing 40% Open

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