GreenGuard PB6W Roofing Cover Board

GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board PB6 US

Mechanically-fastened and ballasted EPDM, TPO and PVC single-ply roof membranes.

Kingspan GreenGuard PB6W Roofing Cover Board is an excellent choice for re-roofing with mechanically attached single-ply membranes. The board’s high compressive strength helps to create a smooth surface, even over most gravel surfaced roofs. The extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam core provides high moisture resistance. PB6W can be used under mechanically attached or loose-laid and ballasted single-ply applications and is UL approved. The 50′ fanfold bundles are easy to install and lightweight, adding only 1/10 lb. per sq. ft. With 3 lb. density foam and 3-ply facers that do not delaminate, PB6W delivers solid installed performance.

Product Information

Product Type Test Method PB6W
Thermal Resistance, R-Value1
(@ 75ºF Mean Temperature)
Compressive Strength
(psi @ 10% Deflection)
ASTM D1621 15
Water Absorption
(Max % by Volume)
ASTM C272 0.6
Water Vapor Permeance
Desiccant Method
Fire Characteristics2
Flame Spread
Smoke Developed
ASTM E84 / UL723 15 (Class A)
(lbs./1,000 sq.ft.)
Max Recommended
Use Temp (ºF)
Thickness (Nominal) 3/8"
Bundle Dimensions 4' x 50'
Bundles/Pallet 44
Square Feet/Pallet 8,800
1 Specimens were aged and tested in accordance with FTC Rule (16 CFR, Part 460).
2 These numerical flame spread and smoke ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions. See UL Classification Certificate A184.
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GreenGuard PB6W Roofing Cover Board Brochure

GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board Installation Guide

GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board Installation Guide

CCRR 1022 1901

Code Compliance Research Report 1022 - Fanfold Underlayment

Florida Product Approval - No. FL14164

Florida Building Code Compliance - XPS Insulation Board / Roof Insulation

GreenGuard Siding Underlayment, Sheathing & Roofing Cover Board Safety Data Sheet

GreenGuard Siding Underlayment, Sheathing & Roofing Cover Board Safety Data Sheet

GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board_20 Year Limited Thermal Warranty_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board 20 Year Limited Thermal Warranty


GreenGuard Roofing Cover Board Contribution to LEED Credits

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