The Importance of Self-Adhering Flashing

Flashing is the best protection and barrier a home has against water infiltration. It’s applied around windows and doors, beneath gables, around pipes and on penetrations in roofing. Used properly, flashing keeps moisture out of these critical areas.
Traditional flashing is usually made of some form of metal, like aluminum or copper, or a plastic, like PVC. These materials are difficult to install because they are inflexible and require mechanical fasteners.
These fasteners penetrate the flashing and can cause a weak area where moisture can infiltrate. This, in turn, leads to issues such as insect activity and wood rot, resulting in repairs and new flashing installation.
Self-adhering flashing is a great solution to these problems. Rather than requiring nails, this flashing has an adhesive backing that makes installation faster and easier, which can save time and money on the job, and doesn’t penetrate the flashing so no weak areas are created.

How Self-Adhering Flashing Works

Normal flashing is held in place manually, then nailed into its final position. Any shift of the material during this stage can create gaps that allow water to seep in.
Self-adhering flashing has a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. To install, workers ensure that the area designated for install is clean and dry. Then, they trim the flashing to fit, remove the backing, and press the flashing into place, smoothing it down and applying pressure to make sure that there is even contact in all areas.
This process is faster and easier than nailing, which means that installation takes less time and the contractor can move on to the next phase of the project more quickly. And because there are no fasteners involved, there are no penetrations in the surface for water to infiltrate, which means that the installation will last longer.
Self-adhesive flashing can be installed anywhere traditional flashing is used on the building wall. This includes around windows and doorways, under eaves, and around any vents or other penetrations in the exterior.

GreenGuard Standard Flashing

Flashing is only as good as the materials that make it. GreenGuard Standard Flashing, a peel-and-stick, easy to use, self-adhering product, is made of a polyolefin membrane film backed with a rubber-modified asphalt adhesive.
The rubber-modified adhesive creates a completely watertight seal against the surface of the home’s exterior, which in turn makes this flashing better at its job than traditional materials that use fasteners or other adhesive flashings that use a weaker backing material.
GreenGuard Standard Flashing is designed to create a weatherproof seal no matter what the climate. You can use it in any area of the building’s wall envelope that traditional flashing would have been used, but with better, more reliable results.

Benefits of GreenGuard

The benefits of GreenGuard Standard Flashing make it a superior choice to traditional flashing. Not only is it weatherproof, it’s also puncture proof, ensuring that there are no holes or cracks in the surface to allow moisture through.

GreenGuard is UV-resistant for up to 30 days, which can allow some flexibility in case of siding installation delays. It’s very common for house wrap and flashing to be installed several days or weeks before the siding is installed. GreenGuard Standard Flashing will hold up well during these delays without coming loose or degrading.
It can be installed in a wide range of temperatures from 25 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit without issue. This means no matter what time of year you’re working on the exterior of a home, you can get the quick installation and easy use of GreenGuard self-adhering flashing.
In addition, the polyolefin coating on the membrane prevents a lot of the issues seen in traditional flashings. While metal flashing can corrode and lead flashing can present health issues, polyolefin flashing is highly durable and safe to inhabitants.
Easier to put up than PVC or galvanized steel, and far less expensive than copper, self-adhering flashing is designed to make the job of sealing up a home easier, faster and less costly for the contractor on every level.

Seal Your Homes Better


Flashing is an important component of any home and its protection from the elements. Because this material is so important, make sure that you use a reliable product, such as GreenGuard’s Standard Flashing to do the job right.

Using a better material eliminates the issues that are inherent with traditional flashings. In turn, this creates a better, more durable home. Choose the right flashing for your projects and get the job done easier with self-adhering flashings.

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