The Best Insulation for Commercial Cladding

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Energy costs are rising around the globe, with many commercial buildings getting hit the hardest, simply due to the size and use of these spaces. Having a tight building envelope around the facade of the buildings can be the first line of defense against higher energy costs.

More business and building owners are becoming aware of the importance of tight building envelopes and doing additional research on their own. Savvy builders who stay up-to-date on the most efficient ways to create that tight building envelope can also set themselves apart from the crowd by meeting demand early on.

Because there are so many types of commercial cladding, however, builders also need to be able to adapt their insulating techniques to match. Thankfully Kingspan has a range of commercial cladding insulation products that can give you the tools you need to successfully complete any project in any climate.

Problems With Underinsulating

Insulation is a building’s main line of defense against energy loss. If a building is underinsulated, it may use between 25% to 40% more energy than a building that has the appropriate amount of insulation.

Owners of existing buildings often try to compensate for this by adding insulation to the interior. That can only do so much, because a lot of the energy transfer is occurring right at the framing. A tight building envelope blocks energy transfer directly at this important junction, allowing the building to stay more comfortable and use significantly less energy. Building owners can see lower energy bills, which can make them want to reach out to builders using this technology to enhance future projects.

Insulating for Commercial Cladding

Many builders have already begun to create tight building envelopes on residential properties. Doing so on a commercial building creates the same benefit, but needs to be approached differently than when cladding a residential project.

Commercial buildings often have different types of cladding and framing including timber, concrete, metal, glazing and cavity wall systems. Each of these types of cladding and framing needs a different approach to insulating the building in order to achieve the best results. Simply using the same methods as those used on a residential project won’t necessarily work.

Therefore, each commercial building needs to be evaluated separately for its needs and the best type of insulation selected based on the cladding, framing and wall system in use.

Depending on the needs of the building, creating a tight building envelope may require insulation board, framing board, cavity fill or a combination of these products. This is why Kingspan makes a range of insulation products designed with commercial buildings in mind. With Kingspan, you can use the right insulation no matter what materials the building you are working on is being built with, creating the ideal building envelope.

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan makes a full range of insulating products designed just for use with commercial buildings. They can be used on their own or combined for different building types to allow you to achieve your goals.

Greenguard Type IV

greenguard type iv

If you need a good, general insulation or an insulation with a high compressive strength for use with foundations, cavity walls and below slab, Greenguard Type IV insulation board is ideal. It’s lightweight and easy to cut, benefiting buildings who need an insulation that’s easy to work with, but that has 25 psi in compressive strength. Used with foundations, it can be combined with other Kingspan insulations to achieve the best results.

Kooltherm K12

Kooltherm K12 framing board is made just for commercial applications and is designed for use with both wood and steel frame walls. It has an R-value of 16 at 2-inches, and is very easy to handle and to install. It can be used between studs or as continuous exterior insulation, giving you options for how you’ll approach insulating the building.


Kooltherm K8

Kooltherm K8
If the building will have partially filled cavity walls, consider using Kooltherm K8 cavity board. It has a high R-value and resists moisture infiltration so a clear cavity can be maintained. It’s also unaffected by air infiltration. For builders, it’s also easy to use and does not produce irritative fibers when cut or handled. Like all Kingspan products, it’s designed for high performance as well as ease of use, so both you and the building owner will benefit.

Get the Best Insulation for Your Commercial Cladding Job

Commercial buildings need to have a tight building envelope in order to perform their best and to prevent energy loss. Builders wanting to stay ahead and continuously offer the best to their clients should begin adapting their cladding insulation to the needs of the building.

Kingspan’s full line of commercial insulating products is designed to help create the tight building envelope clients want. Visit Kingspan for more information on their line of products, and get the best insulation for your next job.

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