Benefits of Using an External Wall Insulation System


The first step to a truly energy efficient home is the creation of a tight building envelope that prevents any thermal transfer from the interior of your home to the exterior. 

Continuous insulation which covers the entire exterior of the home, including the studs, prevents thermal transfer, helps to limit air infiltration, reduces energy bills and creates a more comfortable home interior. 

Using continuous insulation will allow you to create more comfortable, lower energy homes with fewer hassles than older insulation types.

Why Wall Boards Are Effective

Insulating wall board is superior at preventing thermal bridging to other materials, partially due to the way that it’s made. Created from modified resins or foam, it can be made thick enough to block thermal bridging over studs thus providing the proper level of insulation desired.

Today, most builders will agree that rigid wall board is one of the best external wall insulation systems available, whether for new building construction or for the renovation of a home’s exterior.

Location of the Wall Board

Rigid wall board insulation, such as the Kooltherm K12 from Kingspan, is made from a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber–free phenolic insulant, which is a type of exterior foam. 

The foam boards are applied continuously over the exterior of a building, beneath the siding or cladding layer. While foam was once solely used on interior wall applications, pioneering builders in the 1980s found that the material was fast and easy to install on the exterior of a home or building as well: 

“Once builders understood the building science behind exterior foam,” writes Martin Holladay for Green Building Advisor, “they readily adopted the practice — especially since exterior foam does such a good job of insulating rim joists and partition intersections. Moreover, installing exterior rigid foam is much easier and faster than installing interior rigid foam, because there are far fewer electrical boxes to work around.”

Install rigid wall board insulation right over the studs of the walls to stop thermal transfer through the wood. You can also install wall board over existing solid walls, such as brick or cinder block, to add additional insulation beneath a new exterior. 

By adding the wall board at the same time you apply a new exterior facade, you can increase the energy efficiency of the property and its comfort level while lowering labor costs for the project. 

You can also use wall board to insulate rim joist and help protect the sheathing from the elements, letting builders create a tight building envelope.

An Environmentally Friendly Option


One reason to use insulating wall boards on the exterior of a home is the environmental benefits for the project. Some materials offer an environmentally conscious option that is also highly effective at stopping thermal transfer, allowing the project to qualify for LEED credits.

For instance, the Kooltherm insulation line from Kingspan allows you to meet the needs of any framing. Kooltherm K8, used in partial fill cavity walls, is made with low emissivity foil facings that increase thermal resistance. Kooltherm K12 also uses low emissivity foil facing and is made for use with wood and steel-framed walls. 

The environmental benefits lie in how it’s made. Kooltherm is manufactured without CFCs or HCFCs, low GWP and has zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). If your clients want an eco-friendly or green building option, you can use Kooltherm to meet their needs, while also benefiting from the fast, easy install that wall board insulation is known for. This lowers your labor costs while increasing benefits to the client as well, such as energy efficiency.

Get the Best External Wall Insulation System

Rigid wall board insulation makes a great choice for preventing thermal bridging and creating a tight building envelope, while being easy to use, fast to install and environmentally friendly. 

Choose Kingspan’s Kooltherm line for your next project and reap the benefits of a continuous insulation system for yourself and your clients.

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