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Next Generation Insulation Solution for Flat Roofs

The Kingspan OPTIM-R Roofing System is an optimum performance next generation insulation solution from Kingspan Insulation. It comprises of rigid vacuum insulation panels with a microporous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope, giving outstanding thermal conductivity, with the thinnest possible solution to insulation problems. The vacuum insulation panels are accompanied with rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation infill panels which can be cut to fit around problem areas such as roof lights or ventilator kerbs.

In retrofit applications, the Kingspan OPTIM-R Roofing System provides solutions for areas that previously would have remained un-insulated because of insufficient space available. In new constructions, the Kingspan OPTIM-R Roofing System can significantly enhance U-values in areas that would otherwise be accepted as denigrating the overall thermal performance.

Product Brochure

OPTIM-R Next Generation Insulation Solutions Brochure

Product Information

Product Data Table
Product Brochures
Code Compliance
Safety Data Sheet
CSI 3 Part Specification
Installation Guide
Property Test Method Result
Nominal Thickness
(in / mm)
  0.79 - 1.97 / 20 - 50
Standard Dimensions
Width (in / mm)
Length (in / mm)
  11.8-23.6 / 300 - 600
11.8 - 47.2 / 300 - 1200
Nominal Panel Mass
(lbs per sq. ft. / kg per m)
20 mm thickness
25 mm thickness
30 mm thickness
35 mm thickness
40 mm thickness

0.82 / 4
1.02 / 5
1.23 / 6
1.43 / 7
1.64 /8
Compressive Strength, Min.
(psi) A 10% deformation
ASTM C165 25
Dimensional Stability
(336 hours @ 70° C, 97% RH)
20 mm thickness

50 mm thickness
ASTM D2126


% change
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The density of Kingspan OPTIM-R falls within the range of 11.25 - 13.10 pcf / 180 - 210 kg/m3 when tested to BS EN 1602: 2013 (Thermal insulating products for building applications. Determination of the apparent density.)

Service Temperature
Kingspan OPTIM-R is suitable for use in temperature of -40 to +176° F / -40 to + 80° C
US Optim-Single Ply Roofing Brochure_1806

OPTIM-R Single Ply Roofing System Brochure


OPTIM-R Inverted Roofing System Brochure

Optim-R-Intertek SD Report_44477

Optim-R Intertek SD Report


UL Optim-R Certificate of Compliance

FM Optim-R Certificate 10-18

Optim-R FM Approved Certificate of Compliance

FM Optim-R full report 10-18

Optim-R FM Approval Full Report

Optim-R_Safety Data Sheet_US 1807_Page_1

OPTIM-R Safety Data Sheet

Kingspan  07_22_17 Optim-R spec 3-19_Page_1

Kingspan Optim-R Spec


CSI 3-Part Specifications

Click the link below to view our CSI 3-Part Specs from ARCAT in a variety of file formats.

Kingspan Optim-R CSI 3-Part Specifications

View and Download the Specifications

Optim-R_Under Membrane Roofing_Install Guide 1806__Page_1

OPTIM-R Under Membrane Roofing System Installation Guide

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