KingRib Detail KingRib Detail

KingRib Series Insulated Trapezoidal Roof Panel

The KingRib series of insulated roof panel system offers a cost-effective alternative to field-assembled High Rib roof applications, with all the outstanding benefits of insulated panels – high R values, energy efficiency, and an unrivaled fire rating. KingRib's 3 or 5 rib profile allows for long span requirements and/or severe loading conditions.

  • Panel thickness ranges from 1.5” to 6”
  • Interior Mesa profile with standard stucco embossing provides an attractive interior appearance
  • Excellent foam-to-foam contact at joint for superior thermal performance
  • Insulated metal roof systems like the KingRib result in reduced schedule delays and quicker ROI
  • Factory cutbacks at eaves and end laps are available 
  • Utilizes CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate foam

Product Information

Technical Information
Performance Testing & Approvals
Seamer Rental
Profile Exterior: Mesa with Trapezoidal Ribs
Interior: Mesa
Embossing Exterior: Stucco or non-embossed
Interior: Stucco or non-embossed
Gauge Exterior: 26, 24, 22 ga
Interior: 26, 24, 22 ga
Width 40"
Thickness 1.5", 2.5", 4", 5", 6"
Length 8' - 50'
Orientation Roof and Wall
Post fabrication Cutbacks
R-value ≈ 7.2 per inch per ASTM C518 @ 75˚F
≈ 8.2 per inch per ASTM C518 @ 40°F
Test Procedure Results
Fire FM-4880 Class 1 Fire Rating of Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof/Ceiling Panels,
Interior Finish Materials or Coatings, and Exterior Wall Systems
ASTM E84 Flame spread: 25 or Less, Smoke developed: 450 or Less
Wind Uplift Factory Mutual 4471 1-60 @ 5’-3" spans with minimum 16 gauge roof purlins
Strength ASTM E72 Chamber Method Panel load / span and deflection tables are available
Thermal Transmission ASTM C518
Thermal Performance at 75°   Thermal Performance at 35°
Thickness U-Factor R-Value Thickness U-Factor R-Value
1.5 0.093 11 1.5 0.081 12
2.5 0.056 18.0 2.5 0.049 20
4 0.035 29 4 0.030 33
5 0.028 36.0 5 0.024 41
6 0.023 43 6 0.020 49
Air Infiltration ASTM E1680 0.04 CFM/ft2 of Panel Area at 20 psf
Water Penetration ASTM E1646 No Water Penetration at 20.0 psf

Kingspan insulated metal roof and wall panels have been used on every continent in the world under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.

  • 2 year standard material workmanship warranty
  • Up to 20 years standard finish warranty
Contact Kingspan for more information regarding our optional warranty programs.

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KingRib Data Sheet

KingRib Roof & Wall MasterFormat CSI Specifications (PDF)

KingRib Roof & Wall MasterFormat CSI Specifications (DOC)

KingRib CAD Details (PDF)

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KingRib Roof Installation Guide

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