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Insulated roof panels are not only economical, but also provide unrivaled R-values and energy efficiency. 

Insulated roof panels consist of metal panels with steel skins and an insulating foam core. This foam core, usually PIR or PUR foam, adds a layer of insulation to buildings which increases the energy efficiency. Insulated roof panels are known for their superior thermal properties, design flexibility and quick installation time - in addition to their great looks. 

Insulated roof panels are weather-sealed and provide a strong thermal and moisture barrier.  Kingspan's engineered roof panel joints provide protection from wind, rain and moisture and allow aesthetic integration of different profile types.

Kingspan's insulated roof panels are available in a wide array of profiles and finishes to match any project.

Kingspan offers two insulated roof profiles - KingSeam and KingRib.  Both use industry-leading PIR foam insulation cores, which provide increased thermal performance and fire resistance compared to older traditional PUR foam types.

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Insulated Roof Panel - A Typical Kingspan Insulation Metal Roof

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Kingspan's insulated roof panels offer best-in-class R-value combined with modern aesthetic looks that will compliment any project.

These roof sandwich panels feature PIR foam between two steel metal panels.

Our insulated metal roof systems are easy-to-install, require low maintenance, and have superior thermal performance. Our range of insulated roof panels includes insulated standing seam and insulated trapezoidal options.

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