UNH Telecommunications Building

The Project

A key building for students, faculty and staff at the University of New Hampshire is one that’s rarely entered. The Telecommunications Building, which houses internet servers for the campus, was in need of a renovation and addition that kept style and sustainability top-of-mind. Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Designwall 2000, KarrierPanel, and KS Micro Rib insulated metal panels with Accent Fin™ gave the building a stand-out look with an all-in-one product.

  • A second-story 3,800-square-foot addition to the existing 1980s Telecommunications Building more than doubled the size of the facility.
  • Kingspan’s KS Series and Designwall 2000 panels served as a critical building element, allowing the addition to remain lightweight, while saving time on construction.
  • Kingspan’s Accent Fin™ added movement into the design, giving it students a brand-new art piece as they walk along the campus, while setting the building apart from its surroundings.

Completion Date:
October 2020
Durham, New Hampshire
Oak Point Associates
General Contractor:
Charter Brothers
Brookside Company, Inc.
Kingspan Products:
KS Micro Rib, KarrierPanel, Designwall 2000, Accent Fin™
Sq. Ft.:
3,800 sq. ft. Addition, 3,600 sq. ft. Renovation
Randy Williams, Oak Point Associates


The one-story Telecommunications Building needed an expansion that could take place with operational servers in the existing structure. With the lower story built into the hillside, the upper addition had to be lightweight to avoid adding copious structural reinforcement.

In addition, the servers for the entire campus had to remain operational throughout the construction process. With the upper addition facing Demeritt Way, a pedestrian area, architects sought a flexible façade solution that would be visually appealing for students, faculty and staff walking on campus.


Kingspan’s insulated metal panels helped achieve several goals. They provided an all-in-one airtight and watertight barrier that was not too heavy for the second-story addition. Over the course of April and May 2020, a single installer worked to erect the panels, which saved valuable time, since the building remained operational throughout construction.

With R-Values of up to 7.2 per inch for the KS Series and up to 7 per inch forDesignwall 2000, IMPs help the Telecommunications Building achieve a steady temperature with maximum thermal efficiency to keep servers cool.
“The insulated metal panel system allowed us to get the addition enclosed and weathertight quickly. The occupied first story was a project concern and the metal panels helped us solve that.”

– Ken Weston, Principal
Oak Point Associates


The Telecommunications Building serves a vital function on campus but is not a place students enter. Architects used metal to create contrast with the brick academic buildings on either side. Initial ideas called for turning the Telecommunications Building into a 3D art piece. However, the architects realized it would be too heavy and too expensive. Instead, they turned to different size and color insulated metal panels, giving them complete design flexibility to create a striping pattern. Architects selected Champagne Pearl and Weatherized Zinc colors.

With the Accent Fin™, architects were able to create eye-catching shadows and movement. The accessory, available in six shape variations, fits into the joinery between panels, providing architects with more design options. In the case of the Telecommunications Building, Accent Fins™ were the finishing touch architects sought for what is now a showpiece on campus.

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