Dymon Storage

The Project

With beauty, comfort and safety in mind, Dymon Storage pushes the envelope of the storage industry by aiming to exceed customer expectations. Customers are changing the way they think about their storage needs and Dymon’s latest facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) also reimagines storage building design with the help of Kingspan’s insulated metal panels.


  • Architects selected Kingspan Insulated Panels to create an upscale look that mirrored a high-end retail store
  • The 250,000 square foot Dymon Storage facility includes all the amenities of business and home storage needs, with a new retail concept of organizational products and moving supplies paired with a new exterior building design to welcome customers
  •  A modern facility housing 1600 storage suites in various sizes enclosed with various Kingspan KS Series products in Pewter, Dark Bronze and Weathered Zinc plus Kingspan’s new Accent Fin™ blade options

Completion Date:
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Nicholas Caragianis Architect Inc. & TACT Architecture
General Contractor:
Leeswood Construction
Insulated Metal Panels:
KS Mini Micro-Rib, MF Fire Rated, KarrierPanel, Accent Fin™ Blade
Sq. Ft.:



Dymon locations usually have high visibility, and architect of record Nicholas Caragianis Architect Inc. and design architect TACT Architecture were key players in establishing a new architectural look to the Dymon facilities and their brand image. Beginning back in 2018, Dymon planned a new brand appearance - what they would later call their “2.0 design” to building plans on 80 upcoming facilities and locations planned for over the next few years.   They needed a modern look that mimicked a high-end retail store.


The Dymon 2.0 design phase is all about the customer experience. Additional amenities have come into play and are not just basic office and personal storage services. Many are equipped now with temporary office space, technology, organizational and moving products. Beyond basic storage that requires beyond basic design.

Additionally, as storage facilities are moving away from traditional industrial park and rural areas, design teams desire a state-of-the-art building attraction that has curb appeal. Kingspan KS Series insulated metal wall panels products provide design flexibility with a wide range of profile options and unique aesthetics, while delivering supreme thermal performance and adding sophisticated charm and value to highly visible locations.

The KS Series Mini Micro-Rib and KS Shadowline profiles were selected in a pewter color. KS Shadowline in a weathered zinc was also integrated for additional architectural flair. With Kingspan’s new Accent Fin™ blade option, the design teams from Nicholas Caragianis Architect Inc. and TACT Architecture pushed the building envelope design even further with these exterior accent pieces.
Behind the scenes of the external facades is the Kingspan KarrierPanel universal barrier wall system. KarrierPanel with a mineral wool insulation was selected as an alternative solution to a traditional multi-component wall system.


Self-storage facility building appearances have evolved into a new paradigm in storage facilities. Having a building envelope solution with both aesthetics and performance is ideal for building teams as they seek innovative solutions to match the innovative product offerings in today’s storage market.

Dymon strives to be synonymous with luxury in the storage industry with impressive, climate-controlled facilities. Kingspan insulated panels are part of this evolution in storage by offering building products that meet these high-end goals for a new generation of storage facilities.


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