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The Catalyst Building serves as the anchor for Spokane, Washington’s new Eco District, an area being billed as the smartest five blocks in the world. The building is expected to be certified as one of the largest zero-carbon, zero-energy buildings in North America.  Kingspan's KarrierPanel was a large part of this innovation.

  • The Catalyst Building is part of a collection of buildings designed to serve as a real-world model for sustainable, efficient and forward-thinking development
  • Kingspan’s KarrierPanel helps to reduce the building’s energy use, operational carbon and embodied carbon
  • KarrierPanel provided high R-values while reducing panel thickness

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Spokane, Washington
Katerra, Michael Green Architecture
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Insulated Metal Panels:
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Eastern Washington University, Katerra, Avista Development and McKinstry set out on an ambitious project to create an Eco District, which provides its own energy and absorbs carbon, rather than emitting it. The Catalyst Building was envisioned as a new standard for green building. The Catalyst and its next-door neighbor share centralized heating, cooling and electrical systems. Designers first looked at mineral wool panels for the building envelope, but discovered they would need to be excessively thick in order to achieve the necessary thermal efficiency for the project.


Kingspan's KarrierPanel worked in tandem with Katerra's cross-laminated timber (CLT) to construct a building with an ultra-low carbon footprint.

Kingspan’s KarrierPanel insulated metal panels provide superior R-value, when compared with mineral fiber insulation. With thicknesses from 2” to 6,” the panels deliver the high performance needed for such a forward-thinking project while still retaining a slim profile.  

KarrierPanel also allowed contractors to quickly close the building envelope and reduce the number of trades on site. The system uses KarrierRail to safely and securely transmit loads from the façade to structural supports behind the insulated metal panel, reducing the number of wall components. With the help of Kingspan, the project was done on time, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
You’re going to hear over the next several months, maybe even years, a lot of stories about this project because of the example it sets.”

– Craig Curtis, President of Katerra Architecture


KarrierPanel reduces the amount of energy necessary to heat or cool the building, which will help reduce the strain on the Eco District for years to come. From cradle to grave, the IMPs are made with carbon reduction and recycling in mind, keeping with the spirit of The Catalyst Building’s mission. Kingspan opts for renewable energy and recycled material in the manufacturing of its insulated metal panels in order to reduce their embodied carbon levels.

In addition to cutting carbon, KarrierPanel is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which assures those who work and attend Eastern Washington University classes in the Catalyst Building that they are not breathing unsafe chemicals. GREENGUARD Gold requires strict testing to show that there are low levels of volatile organic compounds.

KarrierPanel can be equipped with Kingspan’s QuadCore® technology, the most thermally efficient closed core insulation on the planet. With a 30-year thermal warranty and superior fire protection QuadCore™ offers even more health and wellness certifications.

Kingspan’s KarrierPanels provide the versatility and sustainability that help developments like the Catalyst Building transform from dream projects to realities.

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