Bluebird Self Storage

The Project


  • Blue Bird Self-Storage is rapidly expanding with the growing demand for units in Canada
  • The self-storage facility was designed with aesthetics and performance in mind
  • Using insulated metal panels allowed for easy construction
Vaughan, Ontario's newest self storage facility blends modern design with class-leading R-value.  Designed to appeal to a profitable demographic, the new Bluebird Self Storage utilizes Kingspan IMPs to create a visually appealing building that also holds up to the rigors of Ontario's winter.

Completion Date:
January 2019
Vaughan, Ontario
Leonardo Romanese Architect Inc.
General Contractor:
Maple Reinders
Pendergast Sales Ltd.
Insulated Metal Panels:
KS Micro-Rib, MF Fire Rated
Sq. Ft.:


The self-storage industry is on the way up with higher demand and taller buildings. According to architect Leonardo Romanese, higher property prices in the Greater Toronto Area are driving companies to build multi-story facilities. As self-storage companies expand, municipalities are demanding more design features as part of the approval process.

The design of the building had to be weighed against performance. Ontario’s harsh winters require strong thermal performance, and without a solid base, road salt presents a long-term danger to any building.


Leonardo Romanese Architect, Inc. knew metal panels would be used from the start in order to expedite construction. Kingspan KS Micro-Rib panels were used to create a variety of textures and colors – allowing Blue Bird’s newest facility to meet municipal design expectations.
Insulated metal panels serve a practical purpose in a climate that can be blistering hot in the summer and bone-chillingly cold in the winter. In fact, 90 percent of the facility is insulated metal panels, in addition to some decorative panels. In order to shield the metal panels from the damaging effects of road salt, Romanese used split face masonry block for the base of the facility.
Kingspan’s KS Micro-Rib panels deliver approximately 7.2 per inch ASTM C518 @75° when equipped with PIR and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified.


Blue Bird’s new self-storage facility was designed to stand out from its surroundings. By using KS Micro-Rib panels, the different colors and textures add visibility for the facility, which is off a major highway.
Romanese designed the building with the majority of self-storage customers in mind: women. The architect drew his inspiration from retail facilities. He used metal panels to create an inviting experience on the outside and a clean look on the inside.
“The beauty of the insulated metal panel is not only do you have different textures you can use, but also a variety of colors that highlight the building beautifully.”

- Leonardo Romanese,
Leonardo Romanese Architect Inc.

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