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Each of our AIA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) last no longer than 60 minutes, meaning they are perfect to fit in around lunchtime. Each session has a specific focus ranging from design flexibility, building envelope performance, fire and sustainability.

Our comprehensive technical CE program is designed to provide a deepened understanding of building with Kingspan insulated panel systems, typical specification issues and how we can help to provide a solution to overcome them. Program topics such as fire rated assemblies, building "the perfect wall", and achieving Net Zero Energy (NZE) ready buildings.

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Designing with Architectural Insulated Metal Panels (KIP 002-20)

The core learning objectives for this class all comprise of fundamentally understanding the concept of a metal panel.  We will identify market sectors for architectural insulated metal panels, learn about the thermal performance advantages of these panels, and discuss the basics of panel installation.

We will also explore how insulated metal panels perform the necessary envelope control functions via single-component systems while accelerating speed of build.

This course will also describe the aesthetics, design flexibility and integrated accessories available for architectural insulated metal panels.

Sealing the Envelope with Insulated Metal Panels (KIP 013)

The purpose of this session will be to understand the basic concepts of building science (air, water, vapor and thermal management) and how insulated metal panels perform these functions through a single component.

The design of our exterior building envelope is critical for maximum energy & thermal efficiency, so it’s key that we learn to design the “perfect” (universal) wall from a performance standpoint.

Transitioning our attention to the roof system, we will also talk about what makes the “perfect” (universal) roof from a performance perspective. This course will wrap up exploring best practices for sealing the insulated metal panel envelope.

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Fire Performance of Insulated Panel Systems (KIP 210-20)

This presentation will provide a holistic view into the fundamental difference between MCM, ACM and Insulated Metal Panels. The goal is to understand how performance needs based on building types play a key role in selecting the appropriate Insulated Panel system. We will take a deep dive into fire testing to highlight the different requirements between the FM and ASTM standards. In addition this portion will cover NFPA Standards and NBCC/OBC along with IBC.  The last portion of the session will focus on real fire case studies highlighting a number different building types from across the globe.

NFPA 285 – Facades and Insulation (KIP 211)

The demand for high performance, resilient, healthy, energy efficient buildings has changed building envelope designs that incorporate increased amounts of combustible material in cladding, insulation and water-resistive barriers (WRBs). Fire codes have become integral with updates to the International Building Code (IBC). Building science has focused on the “envelope” in response to the movement of air, water vapor and thermal conditions. The focus of this course is to understand and deliver high-performance, code compliant barrier wall systems.


Sustainable Curb Appeal (KIP 012)

Whether in politics or in building design, transparency is an increasingly necessary element of modern life. We want to know where products come from before proceeding with future-altering decisions. When it comes to our materials, the resources that make up our built environment, it’s more important than ever to communicate about what’s inside.

In this course, we will talk about what is material health and product transparency means? What’s driving this change? USGBC seems to be heading this movement, what’s so different between LEED v3 (2009) and LEED v4 related to materials? We will explain what types of reporting tools exist, resources projects team have available, what they are telling us and how this is driving innovative market transformation.

High Performance Rainscreen Design with Insulated Panels (KIP 08-20)

The purpose of this session will focus on what an engineered façade systems should provide.  Project teams are seeking a complete single source system from the studs to exterior finish.  We will discuss types of testing and approvals Façade systems offer to meet national and international building codes. FM, UL, CAN UL, NFPA and others. Further discussion will be on performance warranties for leakage, system integrity, material performance from 1-20 years similar to a roofing warranty. 

From the designer’s role, where you place the insulation and how do you attach the cladding can be the most critical decision when working with a building façade. We will explore both questions from a building science perspective to give clarity and certainty this is done properly.


Cold Storage and Controlled Environments with Insulated Metal Panels (KIP 010)

This course will identify an expanded use for insulated metal panels in the food and beverage market sector.

Key concepts include understanding the thermal performance advantages of insulated panels, the concept of CLEANsafe design principals driven by the FSMA and USDA Regulations, and how IMPs perform the necessary envelope control functions.

You will also learn about aesthetics and design flexibility available from the use of insulated metal panels for all aspects of the building envelope.

AIA Course Overview Flyers

Fire Performance of Metal-faced Sandwich Panel Systems (KIP 210-20)

NFPA 285 – Facades and Insulation (KIP 211)

Designing With Architectural Metal Panels (KIP 002-20)

High Performance Insulated Panel Facade System (KIP 008-20)

Cold Storage & Controlled Environments (KIP 010)

Sustainable Curb Appeal (KIP 012)

Sealing the Envelope with Insulated Metal Panels (KIP 013)

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