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Introducing the New Kingspan GreenGuard LG XPS Insulation Board

Kingspan is ready for this market transformation with the Kingspan GreenGuard LG XPS Insulation Board product! “LG” stands for Low Global Warming Potential formulation.

The Kingspan GreenGuard LG XPS Insulation Board product line will continue with our 25-year history of:

  • The same green foam color
  • The same high R-value of 5 per inch
  • The same wide range of compressive strengths including 25 psi, 40 psi, 60 psi
  • The same superior moisture resistance

There are also improvements and changes:

  • The new formulation will have a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of less than 50!
  • The board face print will be blue!
  • New literature specific to the LG product line with new product numbers: GG25-LG, GG40-LG, and GG60-LG. We believe these new product numbers will enhance the communications regarding which product a customer is requesting and expecting.
  • GreenGuard®  XPS LG (low GWP formula) is a premium product with ZERO ODP and <50 GWP.
  • HFC134-A has been completely eliminated.

This new product line is fully in support of the Kingspan Group’s world-wide Planet Passionate Initiative. Click Here for more information on Kingspan’s Planet Passionate initiative.

New Regulations

GreenGuard XPS currently contains a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) blowing agent. New laws and regulations are being implemented to lower the Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact of the product.

  • These new regulation are overall very positive and Kingspan is fully in support of this effort
  • Our approach is a measured and customer focused approach

What You Need to Know


  • Regulations state that “No person may sell, lease, rent, install, use, or manufacture in the State…” XPS Billets and Boardstock that contain HFC 134a as a blowing agent.
  • GreenGuard LG XPS products do not contain regulated HFCs so will be compliant to local regulation in all 50 states plus Canada.
  • All GreenGuard XPS (LG and Regular) boards are printed with a date code.
  • Fanfold product from Kingspan uses a different blowing agent and is not affected by these new HFC regulations.

Meeting Your Goals

  • GreenGuard LG XPS products will meet your sustainability goals for wherever your project is located. It will meet the requirements of both Canada and US states that implemented the HFC regulations.

Current Blowing Agent Regulatory Status

Kingspan GreenGuard LG XPS Insulation Board

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