Kingspan unveils the new TruckMaster portable diesel fuel storage tank

13 August 2019 Kingspan Water & Energy

Crafted through 40 years of design expertise comes the latest innovation from Kingspan in the form of their New Series TruckMaster Diesel portable storage and dispensing solutions. Kingspan’s hero pride and joy is the TruckMaster 114 gallon otherwise known as every workman’s buddy, has been re-designed to meet tough environmental challenges the agri, construction and forestry industries have to offer.
Over the past 12 months, the design engineering team led by R&D expert John Lennon, have been putting the TruckMaster range through its paces as he recalls

We knew we had a winning formula to begin with, however the design brief from the outset was to focus on the more delicate components of our TruckMasters, for example, upgrading to a new steel hinging system that is more robust and more durable
Other advances include multiple kiss-off features adding strength and security when closed. Mark Vaughan Commercial Director says
One of the great features of the TruckMaster 114 is the newly redesign lockable lid, protecting key components both from harsh environmental conditions, as well as from potential theft.

Customer feedback has been really positive particularly with the added benefit of the baffle wall, a unique Kingspan design feature, which acts both as reinforcement and as a wave breaker, to minimises the diesel sloshing from side to side when in motion on the back of a pick up truck.
You can expect to see the new TruckMaster 114 on the market from the end of August 2019 along with the standard and low profile TruckMaster 53 and TruckMaster 79 gallon portable options all backed by a 5 year guarantee.

New series TruckMaster

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