BlueMaster Tanks Provide World-Class Bulk Storage for DEF

28 September 2018 Kingspan Water & Energy
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Kingspan BlueMaster tanks are a high-quality, guaranteed, and safe solution for on-site bulk storage of DEF.  These specially-designed storage tanks are currently safeguarding the supplies, across the globe, of farmers, distributors, hauliers, fleet operators and logistics businesses across the world.  With Kingspan BlueMaster tanks, both DEF purity and the vehicles it is used in, are protected.

Storing bulk supplies of DEF locally has significant advantages for farmers. Tillage farmers in particular, who depend on DEF powering large scale machinery can save both time and money.

But it’s no secret that DEF is highly susceptible to contamination and if supplies do get contaminated, the DEF is deemed unusable - something which is clearly very costly for any farmer. Contaminated DEF can damage Farmer’s highly sensitive Tier 4 and above engines and SCR systems, leading to major machine / engine breakdown if not handled correctly.

Any bulk storage solution therefore needs built-in features to protect its delicate contents over the longer term. All BlueMaster tanks are bunded (double-skinned) to protect DEF against environmental factors which can adversely affect it, such as temperature, UV light, dirt and moisture. Furthermore, the BlueMaster’s innovative closed fluid path system is proven to maintain the integrity of its contents.

BlueMaster tanks also conform to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards, providing quality, secure and internationally-compliant storage (ISO 22241, DIBT, BS EN ISO 9001:2008) to deal with the chemical characteristics of DEF.

The tanks range in size from 2,500 to 9,000 litres and include various options around intelligent Tank Monitoring and Management Systems to suit a wide variety of users. The Systems provide a range of information including leak detection, heating and cooling management, the extreme climate pack control, live and online data streaming 24/7, capacity to monitor a database of up to 20,000 users, and much more.

BlueMaster tanks have been distributed across the globe in the last decade from Christchurch to Santiago.  More recently, the company has set up distribution into the USA for DEF storage and dispensing solutions.

All are backed by Kingspan’s renowned technical expertise, customer service and after-sales support and come with a 10-year tank guarantee*.

*1 year on equipment