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Product Overview

The Kingspan SlimLine DEF Tank can be used in retail petrol stations, truck stops and transportation companies. This bunded DEF unit is complete with outer sandwich panels and an internal polyethylene tank protecting against leaks and spillages whilst maintaining DEF purity. The range is available with storage, dispensing and commercial options which can be adapted to suit different climates.

SlimLine DEF Tank Product Information


The SlimLine range has been utilised around the Globe over the last decade in petrol stations and truck stops. This range is as tough as its environment, offering many different options to suit your application whether it be in extreme cold, heat, to only store DEF safely, to dispense or even to have integrated commercial dispensing. This range offers:

  • Compact design
  • Wide variety of options- storage, storage and dispensing, integrated MID dispensing and ability to hook up storage to external dispensers
  • Weather pack for cold weather conditions is available
  • Lockable area housing equipment for easy access and servicing
  • 2” dry coupling connection to ensure purity of DEF by providing a closed system
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 5 year warranty for external container and internal tank
Product Code Usable Volume** (Gallons) Overflow Capacity*** (Gallons) Height Width  Length 
SLB01333/* 341 341 7' 10" 3' 11" 6′8″
SLB02500/* 616 616 7' 10" 5′1/4″ 7'9"
SLB02666/* 655 682 7' 10" 3' 11" 9′11"
SLB03999/* 970 1022 7' 10" 3' 11" 13′2"
SLB05000/* 1178 1231 7' 10" 5′1/4″ 12′2"
SLB05332/* 1284 1363 7' 10" 3' 11" 16'6"
SLB07500/* 1741 1847 7' 10" 5′1/4″ 16'8"
SLB10000/* 2304 2462 7' 10" 5′1/4″ 21'
SLB15000/* 3429 3693 7' 10" 5′1/4″ 30'5"

* Remaining part of the product code is specification-dependent.
** Usable capacity – refers to approximate amount of liquid that can be delivered from a full tank.
*** Overflow capacity – is approximate, maximum amount of liquid that can be pumped to the tank during first filling. Notice: Specified flow rates are maximum flow rates provided by pump manufacturer. Actual flow rate is lower and its value depends on suctiondispensing system configuration of particular equipment, state of its maintenance, oil parameters and ambient temperature.

Standard Equipment

  • Control panel for controlling dispensing system, comes complete with: level sensor, leak sensor, heating, dry-run protection, maximum level alarm, etc.
  • Dispenser assembly with 7.9 gpm capacity is available in the following options: with official validation (MID), with backlit LCD display showing current and total amount and cost of filled DEF, with optional communication between dispenser and cash-billing system (only for legally validated version); without validation. It shows current amount of filled DEF.
  • 230 V AC Pump
  • 19" 8' hose with hose reel
  • On unit level idicator
  • Automatic filling nozzle
  • Leak sensor
  • Pump dry-run protection
  • Maximum level indication
  • 2” filling line with dry coupling
  • Automatic heating and ventilation system for maintaining liquid temperature within required range

Optional Equipment

  • GSM telemetry - remote transmission of current DEF level in tank, volume of delivered DEF, software for data analysis such as date of filling, vehicle type, volume of DEF dispensed, etc.
  • Automatic filling nozzle with magnetic protection
  • Additional heating with 950W capacity (blower)
  • Multi-access device MC BOX - in non-validated version (accommodation of up to 120 users).
  • Multi-access device Titan Access (XTrack)
  • Access door may be located on any side (on shorter or longer wall, on left or right side)

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