BlueTruckMaster Portable
DEF Tank, 53 - 238 Gallons


Product Overview

This range of portable DEF tanks has been specifically designed for safe transportation of DEF. Take them anywhere - the BlueTruckMaster range are built from high-quality polyethylene and are resistant to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Available from 53 to 238 gallons, with a number of specification and dispensing options, the range suits a variety of applications including agricultural, construction and forestry. Backed up by excellent customer service support and a 5 year tank guarantee.*

BlueTruckMaster DEF Brochure

BlueTruckMaster DEF Brochure

Product Information

  • Go anywhere transport DEF efficiently and safely to target location 
  • Easy to lift portable tanks can be easily lifted with its specifically designed lifting eyes or by using a forklift
  • Secure transportation internal baffle wall reduces liquid movement during transportation
  • Lockable lid prevents the contents of the tank and equipment from unauthorised access
  • Fully integrated pump allows for instant use
  • Automatic filling nozzle to protect against spills during refuelling
  • Cost saving transportation compact 53 and 79 gallon models occupy only half a Euro Pallet for more economical distribution and reduced delivery costs
  • Manufactured from high quality polyethylene providing resistance to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation 
  • 5 year tank guarantee* for total peace of mind
  • Excellent customer service and after-sales support 

* With 2 years on equipment.

Model BlueTM 
53 Gal
(Low Profile) 
53 Gal
79 Gal
114 Gal 
238 Gal 
Capacity (Gallons) 53 53 79 114 238
Length 24" 47" 24" 47" 56"
Width 32" 34" 32" 34" 42"
Height 25" 20" 35" 36" 48"
Weight  72 lbs 115 lbs 100 lbs 141 lbs 214 lbs
Description / Capacity BTM53 BTM53
Low Profile
BTM79 BTM114 BTM238
Ball valve on suction line      
Suction line with mesh filter
12 V DC pump (max. flow rate 13.2 gpm)
19' 8" power cable with battery clamps
13' 2" flexible delivery hose
Automatic nozzle
Lid with integrated lock    
Lid with lockable latch (padlock not provided)      
Lid with support gas struts      
Vacuum and pressure relief valve (VENT)
4 lifting shackles      
Battery powered LED lamp      
24 V DC pump (max. flow rate 13 gpm)
Digital flowmeter fixed to the nozzle

● Standard accessories
○ Optional accesories

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