QuadCore® Interior Wall & Ceiling Panels Ultra-low Temperature Systems

We are currently living through unprecedented times with the global pandemic. With the arrival of a vaccination, the logistics of the safe global distribution and storage remains challenging.

Suitable for ultra-low temperature environments, our flexible, fast-build interior wall and ceiling panel systems can be used to help create the critical ultra-low temperature conditions required for the safe storage of the COVID-19 vaccine within the deep freeze delivery chain.
Safe & Secure
  • QuadCore® Interior Wall & Ceiling Panels and doors can be used to create self-contained, fully airtight and secure ultra-low storage facilities.
  • Can be sited local to healthcare facilities offering rapid access for vaccination. 
  • Safe and secure access with lockable high performance insulated cleanroom door. 
  • CLEANsafe 120 coating to ensure hygienic storage and withstand frequent cleaning.
Rapid Deployment
  • Short lead time, rapidly assembled and quickly operational.
  • Suitable for a wide range of refrigeration and freezer equipment
  • Superior thermal performance with QuadCore® technology, ensuring maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Engineered, symmetrical castellated panel joints provide airtight, vapor sealed connection ensuring optimum efficiency.
  • QuadCore® Interior Wall & Ceiling Panels are suitable for ‘box-in-a-box’ applications, e.g. -80°C (-112°F) room built within an ambient temperature warehouse.

QuadCore® Interior Wall & Ceiling Panels

WIth R-values of 9 per inch per ASTM C518 @ 35°F mean temperature, QuadCore® is the best performing insulation core for cold storage insulated metal panels.

Interior Wall & Ceiling Panels with QuadCore® utilize a superior joint design with a caulked seal provision that ensures a tight, well designed vapor barrier in enclosures of any size. Panels are produced in the Shadowline stucco embossed or smooth profiles on both the exterior and interior face. Panel coverage is available in standard 45 3/8” width.

Ultra-low temperature panels

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