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Growing and harvesting more starts with year-round temperature control.

Kingspan is the world’s leading provider of insulated metal panels and other temperature and humidity control solutions for horticultural production and grow facilities.

Our wall and ceiling solutions help maintain accurate temperature and humidity at the highest level of efficiency to keep energy costs low for your horticultural needs.

The first requirement for year-round production is 24/7 temperature and humidity control. Maintaining a controlled climate through the extremes of winter and summer is critical, and why the cost of energy is the largest expense. To ensure an outstanding yield and profitable harvest, your grow facility must be properly insulated.

Plus, Kingspan durability and CLEANsafe coatings stand up to the rigorous cleaning and decontamination requirements to ensure regulator compliance and full yield for your cultivation facility.

Learn how our horticultural solutions can benefit your business.

Horticultural Grow Facility - Kingspan

The Grow Process

Cloning Room
Vegetative Room
Flowering Room
Curing/Drying Room
Processing Room
Extraction Room

Cloning Room

Future success starts with sprouting clones to fuilfill the promise of the mother plant. Our high performance KS Shadowline Interior wall and ceiling solutions help maintain proper temperature and humidity control during this very critical time.

Vegetative Room

As babies graduate into teens, they need room to grow. Temperature, humidity, air flow, and contamination mitigation are critical here. Our KS Shadowline wall and ceiling panels with QuadCore™ Technology enable strict climate control and tight seals to protect against accidental air intrusion.

Flowering Room

This is where the magic happens and when farmers see the financial future of their labour. Room cleanliness, contamination control, and light spectrum are critical. Our Hercules Environmental Door Systems make sure accidental air intrusion never happens. And with CLEANsafe coatings throughout, you’re protected against all forms of microbial contamination.

Curing / Drying Room

As the crop dries in darkness, moisture fills the room. Dampness and absence of light are dangerous ingredients for rot that could infect your entire crop. The strict climate control enabled by KS Shadowline Interior and CLEANsafe coatings help ensure mold has no place to take hold.

Processing Room

Avoiding accidental contamination is the priority. Our wall KS Shadowline Interior panels with CLEANsafe specifications ensure what started contamination-free stays that way.

Extraction Room

Laboratory environments cannot be taken lightly. Expensive equipment under high pressure can create problems such as temperature fluctuations and fire risk. Our MF Fire Rated panels offer proven thermal reliability combined with fire rated solutions that ensure problems occurring in one room do not spread.

Why Insulated Panel Systems?

Our KS Series panels with QuadCore™ technology are ideal for new build construction with quick panel connections to get you installed and operating sooner. Future expansion plans? KS Series panels with QuadCore™ technology are easy to remove and re-configure for facility expansion. Retro-fitting an existing building? KS Shadowline Interior is a premium engineered wall and ceiling system specifically for interior applications. 

Hydroponics, aquaponics, and organics require strict control over light spectrum, CO2, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Cut corners and you risk losing an entire crop, failing an inspection, or even forfeiting Health Canada accreditation. KS Series wall and ceiling panels with QuadCore™ Technology provide the highest R-value for controlled environments delivering the highest level of energy efficiency and control.

The tight-fitting panel joints and our Hercules Environmental Door Systems offer superior airtightness, preventing thermal bridging and condensation. Our MF Fire Rated panels make sure concerns in one room don’t spread throughout the entire facility.

From greenhouse to retrofit to new build, Kingspan's suite of controlled environment solutions are perfectly crafted to meet your exacting requirements for any indoor environment. 

High Performance Insulated Panel Systems

We provide a wide range of high-performance insulated panel systems, for both external roof and wall, and internal wall, partitioning and ceiling applications.

Within this range, our KS Series, KS Shadowline Interior, and MF Fire Rated systems are idealy suited to horticultural facilities, delivering flexible, attractive and affordable building envelope solutions.

Kingspan CLEANsafe Coatings

Kingspan CleanSafe Coating Systems are designed specifically with horticultural growing facilities in mind.

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CLEANsafe coatings: an industry first.

CLEANsafe insulated panels and doors, all washable surfaces, provide a sealed monolithic structure for maintaining hygiene safe requirements where protection against microbial contamination and prevention from mold growth is critical.
In 2011, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) implemented the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) ensuring U.S. food supply safety by shifting from response of contamination to prevention. Kingspan initiated CLEANsafe, an industry first, engineered to comply with the FSMA – approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), FDA, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
Kingspan CLEANsafe coatings, each designed specifically for temperature controlled environments, have particular properties suited to different environments. We aid in choosing the right coatings to meet the appropriate classification of corrosive environment and type of activities.

The corrosive factors of an internal environment are determined by the presence of corrosive chemicals and / or microorganisms in the internal atmosphere, relative humidity, as well as by the frequency of cleaning, aggressiveness of the cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers, and method of cleaning.
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Kingspan Product Range

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