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Tate’s composite board panels are available with .080” (2mm) Tarkett iQ Optima or iQ Granit homogenous vinyl tile with a modern color scheme.  The combination of the two lines include 189 design options with a matte finish. Tarkett homogenous vinyl includes a iQ PUR surface treatment that retains its superior wear, stain and abrasion resistance, and original beauty over time with nothing more than an occasional dry buff – no wax of finish needed.

Vinyl Panel

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Laminated to composite board to provide a smoother surface
  • Supported by a bolted stringer system
  • Tapered edge allows for easy accessibility to underfloor areas
  • 18 directional colors with a matte finish
  • Protective edge banding protects the surface edge from chipping

Resilient Finishes

We have recently refined our process for laminating Resilients to include an edge banding and the use of smoother more consistent substrate to improve the installed aesthetic of the panel particularly in areas with extensive side lighting. This is completed with the use of a composite board panel that provides a smoother surface that is more conducive to the lamination of Resilients finishes. The edge banding creates a more consistent looking seam with a grouted tile appearance. The edge banding is available in many colors to allow for contrasting or blended seams that can create a completely custom look.

High Pressure Laminates and Static Control Vinyl options are also available upon request on ConCore®, and All Steel Panels.

Product Resources & Downloads

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Datasheet 24in (PDF)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Detail 24in (PDF)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Detail 24in (DWG)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Specification 24in

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Datasheet 60cm (PDF)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Detail 60cm (PDF)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Detail 60cm (DWG)

Composite Board Vinyl Tile Specification 60cm

Resilients Panel Installation Guide

Resilients Panel Owner's Manual

Vinyl Tile Aesthetics and Colors 

Tate’s approved finishes for factory lamination maintain the accessibility of an access floor with a one-to-one fit. Due to the dynamic and diverse nature of the flooring covering industry we have provided the websites for all approved finish styles. For chip samples, please contact Tarkett using the links below.

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