The Posilock Understructure System

Tate's Posilock understructure system provides self-engagement and positioning of the floor panels without the need for stringers. 

Posilock System

Key Performance Characteristics

  • PosiLock® design provides self-engagement and positioning of floor panels.  
  • Self-capturing fastener remains within the panel - will not get lost.
  • Steel pedestal head provides maximum strength.
  • Pedestal nut provides anti-vibration and locking features.
  • Seismic force-resistant pedestals are available that limit or eliminate the need for special bracing.
  • Typical floor heights from 6”-16”; low finished floor heights (LFFH) available from 2.5"-4".

Product Resources & Downloads

Posilock Low Finished Floor Height (LFFH) 24in

Posilock Low Finished Floor Height (LFFH) Freestanding 24in

Posilock Type 1A 24in

Posilock Type 1A Freestanding 24in

Posilock Type 2B 24in

Posilock Type 2CF 24in

Posilock Type 3B 24in

Posilock Type 3CF 24in

Posilock Type 4CF 24in

Posilock Type 4DF 24in

Posilock Type 5EF 0.75 24in

Posilock Type 5GF 24in

Posilock Perimeter Pedestal

Posilock Low Finished Floor Height (LFFH) 60cm

Posilock Low Finished Floor Height (LFFH) Freestanding 60cm

Posilock Type 1A 60cm

Posilock Type 2B 60cm

Posilock Type 2CF 60cm

Posilock Type 3B 60cm

Posilock Type 3CF 60cm

Posilock Type 4CF 60cm

Posilock Type 4DF 60cm

Posilock Type 5EF 0.75 60cm

Posilock Perimeter Pedestal

The Posilock Understructure system is available with these panel options

Other Understructure Options

Raised Access Floor Systems

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