Installer Training & Field Services


On-Site Inspections

Our BENCHMARK field services team provides on-site support and guidance to our approved installers to deliver 'in-place' products that fulfill customer requirements and expectations. We offer a site inspection service periodically during the installation process.
Multiple site inspections are required for weathertight warranties, typically three inspections per job are required. Inspections can also be contracted individually if your project's specification requires a Manufacturer Inspection.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection. Travel and inspection fees apply for non-weathertight warranty jobs.

Installer Training

Attendees will learn about our BENCHMARK architectural products, including fixing systems, recommended mechanical lifting techniques, as appropriate, and a broad discussion about best practice. At the end of the course you will have gained knowledge of the BENCHMARK products and how to install them.

BENCHMARK Installer Trainings are scheduled in our Columbus facility for the second Thursday of every month. 

To register for one of our courses, please complete the below online form.

I’m glad I spent the time to attend the program…the helpful tips and hands-on training will pay great dividends.”

Joe B., Baltimore, MD

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