S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

The Project

After decades of having endured an inefficient HVAC system, cramped study spaces, and the absence of useful meeting, office, and classroom facilities, the College can now provide its students, faculty, staff, and guests the most accessible and sustainable facility possible.

In 2012, when the Utah Legislature approved a new structure to replace the aging facility, it stipulated that the building had to have an extremely efficient design to promote sustainability, save energy, and conserve water.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Designwall 2000 & KarrierPanel

The two valuable benefits these products brought to the project were a fast ‘dry-in’ time and the flexibility to apply many rainscreen cladding elements. Great customer service and field support from Kingspan were also primary benefits.

- Brandt Strong, Estimator, LCG Facades


Savings and Sustainability

Kingspan products played their part in achieving the goals, as part of an exterior envelope cladding system designed to provide the building’s primary weather barrier and exterior insulation. Many various cladding elements were hung on 50,000 sq. ft. of KarrierPanels alongside of 22,500 sq. ft. of Kingspan Designwall 2000. KarrierRail attaches to the KarrierPanel, providing a stable and secure support that safely transmits positive loads from multiple facades to the structural supports behind the insulated panels.


A Cutting-Edge Facility

The result is a cutting-edge facility that will meet the University’s needs for decades to come. It was designed to meet the University’s ambitious goal for all new buildings to achieve a 40% net reduction in energy costs. By meeting these goals this building should be eligible for LEED Platinum status, which would make it among the first LEED Platinum law school buildings in the country.

Products used on this project


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