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BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 Architectural Wall Panels

Designwall 4000 is the go-to choice for large scale projects. This foamed-in-place architectural wall panel has reveal options range from 1/16” tight to 6” allowing for the creation of shadows and accents. Available in either embossed, non-embossed or Shadowline, Designwall 4000 is uniquely equipped for finest design ingenuity.

  • Double transverse bent corners create integrated column covers
  • Available in thicknesses up to 4” thick providing exceptional thermal performance and continuous foam-to-foam contact
  • Flushglaze 4500 and 7500 window systems integrate perfectly into Designwall 4000’s joint design
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on design parameters
  • Designwall R Series panels can be used alongside Designwall 4000 to provide a bold, profiled look
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified 

Product Information

Technical Information
Performance Testing & Approvals
Exterior profile Flat with stucco embossing (optional non-embossed, shadowline or Granitstone)
Interior profile Flat with stucco embossing (optional non-embossed)
Exterior gauge 22 or 20 ga
Interior gauge 24 ga
Widths 18” - 42”
Lengths 1’ - 24’
Thicknesses 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”
Reveal options ⅛” - 6”
Post Fabrication Transverse bend, trimless end
R-value ≈ 7 per inch per ASTM C518
Orientation Vertical or horizontal

Test Procedure Results
Flammability FM-4880 Passed: Class 1 Fire Rating of Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof / Ceiling Panels, Interior Finish Materials or Coatings, and Exterior Wall Systems 2” thru 4”
  ASTM E84 Flame spread <25, smoke developed <450
CAN/ULC-S101 Passed/Approved rating FSI 35, SDI 120
CAN/ULC-S102 Flame spread: 20, Smoke developed: 145 for panel with facings
CAN/ULC-S127 Passed/Approved rating FSI 390
CAN/ULC S134 Passed/Approved
CAN / ULC-S138 Passed/Approved
UL 263 Classified as component of 1 hr, 2 hr, or 3 hr fire-rated wall assembly
NFPA 259 Tested for potential heat of building materials 8,475 BTU/lb
NFPA 285 Passed: standard fire test method for evaluation of fire propagation characteristics of exterior non-load-bearing wall assemblies containing combustible components in multi-story applications
ASTM D1929 Self-Ignition: 878˚F, minimum
Flash Ignition: 808˚F, minimum
Structural FM-4881 Passed: Class +65 / -91 Zone TC
ASTM E72 Vacuum chamber tested. Panel load / span and deflection tables are available
TAS 201, 202, 203 Testing to +/- 80 psf. on 36” wide panels
Blast Loading ASTM F1642 or GSA-TS01 Panels installed on metal stud system shall be tested to withstand a minimum shock load of 6 psi peak pressure and 42 psi-msec impulse pressure
Thermal Transmission ASTM C518
Thermal Performance at 75˚
Thickness R-Value
2 14
2.5 17.5
3 21
4 28
Air Infiltration ASTM E283 0.01 CFM/ft² of panel area at 20 psf
Water Penetration ASTM E331 No uncontrolled water penetration at 70 psf. differential pressure. No water penetration at 6.24 psf pressure differential for a two (2) hour duration
AAMA 501.1 Dynamic water pressure testing – no sign of water leakage at 15 psf
Water Absorption ASTM C209 No more than 0.148 percent water absorption by volume under 24-hour full water submersion
Fatigue Tests Cyclic test to positive and negative wind loading to ± 20 psf The panels exceeded 2 million alternate cycles without failure or damage
Bond Strength Autoclave Sample placed in an autoclave device and pressurized to 2 PSI at 217 °F for 2 ½ hrs.
Humid aging No metal primer interface corrosion and/or delamination shall occur after 1000 hours at 135˚F and 100 percent relative humidity
Regional Approvals Miami-Dade Listing N.O.A. # 16-0329.09 (expires 05/18/2022)
  City of Los Angeles LARR #26046
UL Canada Listing Refer to Intertek Report # 102019512TOR-001
Intertek Listing CCRR Report #1037
Florida Product Approval FL 20453.1-R1

In today’s challenging construction market, realizing the customer’s requirements often involve leaving the past behind and stretching the boundaries forward. Kingspan products and services are engineered to provide the confidence necessary to meet these challenges.  
BENCHMARK By Kingspan insulated metal wall panels have been used on every continent in the world under extreme climatic conditions and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long-term reliability and service life.

  • 2 year standard material workmanship warranty
  • Up to 20 years standard finish warranty
Contact our sales or customer service departments for information regarding our optional warranty programs.




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BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 Guide Specification (PDF)

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Designwall 4000 Horizontal CAD Details (PDF)

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Designwall 4000 Vertical CAD Details (PDF)

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