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Series and Panel Links


Key Benefits

  • Faster build speed and dry-in time
  • Reduction in thermal-bridging
  • Reduce construction delays

Series and Panel Links

Series and Panel Links

Series and Panel Links

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Morin Facade System

Morin Facade System

A classic look with the modern design of an
integrated engineered rainscreen facade
system with a single source supplier - Kingspan.

Utilizing the award winning extensive
collection of architectural wall panel system
from Morin a Kingspan Group Company
brought single source integration to the
facade design process.

Kingspan & Morin - an incredible combination

Morin has a full collection of exposed fastener,
perforated and natural metals.

Offering both smooth and profiled panels in a range
of thicknesses, styles, and colors, Morin and
Kingspan have you covered.
Morin Facade System

A Morin Minute

Take a minute to watch a single skin aimation.

Preparation and installation of a multi profile wall system in either horizonal or vertical orientation.

Key Benefits

Design professionals can enjoy:
  • Faster build speed and dry-in time
  • Reduction in thermal-bridging
  • Less construction delays 
Morin Panels with Kingspan BENCHMARK
KarrierPanel Vertical Intermediate Support KarrierPanel Vertical Intermediate Support

KarrierPanel with Morin Panels

Looking for a proven high-quality system to put behind the Morin Single Skin? KarrierPanel is a cost effective universal barrier wall alternative solution to traditional multi-component wall systems. KarrierPanel utilizes Kingspan’s fully engineered KarrierRail to securely and safely transmit loads from any Morin panel to the structural supports behind the insulated panel.

  • Quicker construction - faster building close-in and dry-in for reduced building costs
  • Eliminates thermal-bridging energy losses associated with standard stud/cavity insulation construction
  • Eliminate delays in construction - we are experienced with scheduling multiple trades
  • Horizontal and vertical applications are available to suit virtually any façade type

A perfect match!

A classic look combined with modern engineering.

Enjoy the beauty of Morin panels with the design ingenuity of BENCHMARK by Kingspan.

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