The Kingspan Light + Air Advantage

As expert problem-solvers, we team up with architects, contractors and building owners to develop renovation solutions that will enhance and optimize the role that natural light plays in your building. Our systems are lightweight, highly durable, extremely versatile and have an almost unlimited life-cycle - making them the ultimate solution for daylighting renovations.


Why Renovate?

  • Life safety - avoid imminent structural failure resulting from degeneration of the original daylighting system

  • Improve energy efficiency - outdated or degenerating systems are underperforming, resulting in higher utility costs

  • Discoloration is leading to a significant decrease in light levels

  • Remove potential health risks from mold, bad odors, and depressing light levels and restore the benefits of healthy daylighting

  • Deterioration is causing leaks and insulation issues

  • Meet new regulations or code requirements

  • Eliminate the need for maintenance or re-coating costs

  • Correctly balance both daylight and solar heat gain levels required for your space

  • Improve the aesthetics of a building to increase property value

What We Offer...

  • Removable Skin Technology (RST) - exterior skin is replaceable to extend the system’s life cycle, without interrupting building operations

  • A dry-glazed system that eliminates the need for system maintenance

  • Expert consultants to guide you through each step of the process

  • Professional install by factory trained and certified installers

  • Single-source warranty


Removable Skin Technology (RST)

Our two-panel system utilizes Removable Skin Technology (RST), which once in place, eliminates the need for costly building closures and ensures that operations can remain uninterrupted. The system is designed so the individual glazing panels are independent of one another and are mechanically connected to the internal support structure. Instead of relying on adhesives, which require continual maintenance, the system’s mechanical connection allows the interior or exterior glazing panel to be disengaged or removed as necessary while the other glazing panel remains in place. This feature maintains the integrity of the building envelope, enables building operations to continue without interruption, and results in unrivaled system longevity.

Most Common System Renovations


Fiberglass systems that have severely discolored or are experiencing structural degradation can be easily replaced. Our systems are designed with added color stability and UV protection to enhance longevity.



Acrylic can become brittle, crack and leak, or may discolor over time. Our systems are often used to replace these underperforming acrylic units, many of which no longer meet strict fire codes. We offer Class A, B and C fire-rated systems depending on your building needs.


We can reglaze, overglaze and replace glass systems that are leaking, or are otherwise compromised. Our systems offer glare-free diffused light which significantly reduces solar heat gain - a problem often associated with glass units.


Renovation Options



The glazing system will be replaced and the existing structure will be evaluated and reused when possible.


Pentaglas® systems can be designed to envelop leaking systems if their performance is otherwise uncompromised. This option is typical for systems that provide enough light, but may be deteriorating, leaking or need additional insulation performance.



The entire existing system is disassembled and removed and a new system will be installed in its place.

Pentaglas® Glazing Panel

Design Features

  • Standing seam design with double tooth-connection – able to withstand extreme loading
  • Tight-cell extrusion for increased durability and enhanced light diffusion
  • Co-Extruded UV protection for superior color stability
  • Wide variety of standard color options – custom colors and color matching also available
  • Optional matte finish – eliminate glare and increase light diffusion