Pentaglas® - Single Panel Cladding System

Our Pentaglas® system can be used for cladding structures that enclose non-conditioned spaces.

Our cladding system can help achieve a variety of goals:

  • Modernize the exterior of a building
  • Meet hurricane standards
  • Create an area for signage
  • Backlighting

Single Panel System Design

Standing seam system designed to provide maximum durability and ensure the highest quality performance. 

A - Pentaglas® glazing panel
B - Double-tooth connection for superior loading capabilities
C - Stainless steel panel clip
D - Aluminum purlin substructure
E - Aluminum framing system


Product Data Sheet

Pentaglas Translucent Cladding System PDS

Pentaglas Product Data Sheet

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Pentaglas - Flush

Flush Panel AutoCAD Drawing


Pentaglas - Flush (PDF)

Flush Panel AutoCAD Drawing (PDF)

Translucent Building Envelope Solutions

General Overview To Translucent Walls, Canopies and Walkways

Renovation & Retrofit Solutions

Overview of Renovation & Retrofit Options

Finish Color Selection Brochure

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Pentaglas® Case Studies


Pentaglas® Glazing Panel

Our Pentaglas® translucent glazing is precision engineered with Nano-Cell® technology. This specialized panel extrusion results in the cells measuring smaller than 0.18 inches, providing the panel with superior durability and prolonged resistance to impact. The unique cell structure significantly improves the quality and balanced distribution of glare-free natural light. Pentaglas glazing panels are co-extruded with a specialized UV inhibitor on both sides of the panel.

Product Features & Options

Our systems can be designed with a flush or standing-seam appearance