Renovation Projects

We have a lot of experience when it comes to renovating daylighting systems, and can provide a range of solution designed to reglaze, overglaze or replace existing systems - fiberglass, acrylic and glass - that have severely discolored, been damaged, or have deteriorate over time. Our advancements in daylighting technology have resulted in more efficient systems with inherent color stability that can improve a building’s energy performance, increase longevity and help cut costs.


Bogan Park Aquatic Center

Problem: After only 15 years, the skylight had completely degraded and discolored, resulting in a dark and grungy environment for pool patrons.

Solution: We successfully replaced 17,390 sq. ft. of translucent fiberglass roof covering and 2,490 sq. ft. of vertical walls. The existing support beams remained intact and were reused along with some additional structure. Meticulous and concise coordination resulted in a 40% reduction in install time.

Quabbin Regional High School

After only ten years, the fiberglass ridge skylight had deteriorated beyond repair. Leaks and yellowing had compromised the system’s performance to such a degree that it no longer complied with current energy and state building codes. As a result, we were commissioned to replace the failed skylight with a 5,000 sq. ft. Quadwall® barrel vault and adjacent single slopes running parallel on either side. The new system provided maximum daylight to the multi-purpose space below. Additional insulation was also added to ensure optimum thermal performance.

“This is a huge skylight so the amount of energy that you save made a compelling argument. The school will probably make their money back withing five to ten years....”

- Elvin Phillips - Boston Bay Architects


Ridder Park Office Complex

We replaced 9,000 sq. ft. of fiberglass skylight running the perimeter of the office building, that had yellowed and was leaking beyond repair.

4063 Salibury Road Office Complex

Problem: The fiberglass entrance canopy at this corporate office complex had deteriorated and significantly yellowed.

Solution: A structural low-rise vault canopy system was designed to replace the existing fiberglass system. The existing structure remained in good condition, so it was repainted and reused. The blue translucent glazing provided a fresh new look and made the entryway much more inviting.



Problem: The large 30-year-old fiberglass skylight had completely yellowed and was casting a dark shadow on the flagship store's main floor area.

Solution: The skylight was replaced with our two-panel Quadwall® system because of its ability to maintain color stability in the intense California sun and its removable skin technology, which provides the system with a near unlimited life cycle.


Mayde Creek High School

Problem: The School’s main glass-block stairwell saw significant structural decline as a result of vandalism and maintenance challenges.

Solution: Approximately 7,500 sq. ft. of our Quadwall® 2 3/4 in. thick translucent two panel system was used to replace the existing facade. The new translucent system significantly reduced the heat gain in the stairwell and provided an impact-resistant façade.


Hologic, Gen-Probe

After only 20 years, the original skylight weathered beyond repair and yellowed so severely that light was no longer able to penetrate through the glazing. What was once a design focal point had become an eyesore and maintenance nightmare. 

We were contracted to replace the failed system with a 14,385 sq. ft., Class B fire-rated Quadwall® skylight system, which completely rejuvenated the atrium space.

Embassy Suites

Known for being a great beach town, San Diego attracts tourists from all over to enjoy the California sun. Unfortunately for those who have stayed at the Embassy Suites, a deteriorating fiberglass skylight caused the massive atrium space to be cast in shadow, resulting in a dark and gloomy environment. To improve this, an extensive remodel was set in motion, starting with a new skylight. We conducted a daylighting analysis prior to construction to ensure that the desired light levels would be achieved by the new system. The existing structure was evaluated and it was determined that the structure could be reused, helping to save on costs. The brand new 4,200 sq. ft. Class-A skylight was then installed. The new system completely transformed the atrium, restoring it back to a bright and inviting space for guests to enjoy.